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Orange Cassidy defends friend’s honor in AEW All-Atlantic title bout set for Rampage

If there is one thing that can be said about Orange Cassidy, it is that he is a good friend. A best friend, in fact. Cassidy is such a nice pal that he will be defending the AEW All-Atlantic Championship on Friday night Rampage in a matter of honor.

The situation unfolded backstage in the stairwell prior to Dynamite. The scene wrapped a several stories together and also produced a singles bout for the Wednesday night program. This promo segment is pretty amusing.

Lexy Nair spoke with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh about the arrival of Jeff Jarrett to AEW. Dutt was jolly with glee about Jarrett cracking his guitar on Darby Allin’s skull. Enter the Factory. Dutt gladly made monetary payment for Cole Karter’s assistance as fake Fake Sting. QT Marshall snatched the envelope of cash and only handed one bill to Karter. That business was settled, but new business arose.

Danhausen, Cassidy, and the Best Friends entered up the stairs. Danhausen had beef with the Factory for ruining his Halloween when Lee Johnson interfered to help Marshall defeat Danhausen. Cassidy was in no mood to fool around. Marshall wasn’t interested in a backstage brawl, so QT suggested an All-Atlantic defense against Johnson on Rampage. Bout accepted. The scene didn’t end there.

Trent and Chuck Taylor were feeling frisky. They tried to pick a fight with Lethal’s crew by calling them scumbags. Lethal took exception, so Trent offered a fight for Dynamite. Lethal agreed.

That was a funny little scene tying loose ends together. We now know that Karter is still affiliated with the Factory and not a faction jumper. The Johnson angle on Dark gets a payoff with a title fight. Scumbag behavior in general will receive comeuppance from Cassidy and Trent.

It’s good to have friends.

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