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Nick Aldis exiting the NWA amidst creative differences

Nick Aldis is planning to exit the NWA.

Aldis announced in a now-deleted Instagram video for subscribers that he gave his notice to leave the NWA. Wrestling Observer summarized the video, according to viewers, as Aldis being unhappy due to differences with NWA owner Billy Corgan. Aldis feels that the NWA product has gotten so embarrassing that he can no longer be associated with it. PWInsider reported that Aldis’ contract with the NWA expires in January 2023.

Aldis is currently scheduled to wrestle Odinson in a grudge match at the Hard Times 3 PPV on November 12.

If the decision of Aldis leaving the NWA comes to pass, then it will mark an odd turn to finish his run with the company. Aldis carried the NWA on his back as worlds heavyweight champion in 2017. After dropping the belt to Cody Rhodes at AEW All In, Aldis won it back six weeks later and held the Ten Pounds of Gold for 1,043 days in his second reign. Aldis worked hard to bring a level of prestige to the title to bring the brand back from obscurity.

Fast forward to July 2022, and an odd thing happened. Corgan pulled Aldis from a PPV world title main event, even though, Aldis had won a #1 contender tournament. Apparently Corgan grew tired of Aldis politicking behind the scenes. The way the announcement played out made it tough to tell if this was a storyline or real life drama. The two sides made amends enough for Aldis to participate at the 74th Anniversary show in August for a match against Flip Gordon.

And now we have the news that Aldis wants out of the NWA. His video was a premeditated release. Aldis mentioned a tease in an Instagram post earlier in the day relaxing on his birthday.

To add further on Aldis’s displeasure with the NWA, give a listen to his interview on Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan and Disco Inferno. The clip was posted on August 28, but it seems clear that the same issues Aldis had then remain unresolved. He spoke about philosophical differences in the current direction of the NWA. Aldis also discussed how he helped build the NWA as a destination for talent to work and new faces catapulting off his sweat equity only it in for themselves rather than the love of the company.

What’s your take on Nick Aldis parting ways with the NWA? Which company would you like to see Aldis head to next?

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