My WWE Holiday Wish List: Things Triple H must Fix

These are the tings I hope WWE fix in the new year.

Figure out if Roman is a double champion or a unified champion.

King of the Ring PPV - Quarter-final, semi-final, and final in ONE night.

Make Halloween Havoc a main roster PPV.

Evolution 2. Let's go.

Redesign the titles (I heard it's happening) No more giant Superbowl rings.

Rename the Women's and Tag titles. No more branded titles.

The women's MITB winner must have a long and meaningful run with the briefcase . No more same night/one night cash ins.

Stop making champions lose non title matches.

Figure out what to do with the third hour of Raw. It really is the bane of WWE programming.

Cut down on the distracted roll up pins. Its too much.

Save Hell in a Cell matches for when a feud calls for it. Same with TLC.

Find a way to incorporate the classic Survivor Series match alongside War Games. Maybe the men get one, and women the other?

More non finisher finishes. Spice things up a bit.

The WWE draft has jumped the shark. Just do shake-ups and trades.

Fix the appearance of RAW and Smackdown. The 1997 "Raw is War" template is old now. Maybe a runway?

Make Raw al little more.....RAW. It's too glossy and clean.

More focus on men's and especially women's tag teams.

I like the Elimination Chamber but the winners are always obvious because the PPV takes place a month before Mania. The match would fit perfectly on a PPV like Halloween Havoc (see above).

I wouldn't mind having a "Worlds Collide" type of event with the main roster and NXT. Imagine Bron Breakker vs Finn Balor. Mandy Rose vs Becky Lynch. Bianca Belair vs Cora Jade. Stuff like that.

And finally, have more themed episodes of Raw and Smackdown: Raw Retro, Lethal Lottery, Taboo Tuesday fan voting, maybe even bring back the Slammys. Its better than "Season Premiere" which is just a an ordinary episode with a fancy name.

These are off the top of my head. Feel free to add more in the comments.

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