CSS WWE Prediction Contest: RESULTS for Survivor Series Gobbledy Games 2022

Howdy All!

Hope everyone had a safe, restful, and ultimately filling [giggidy] Thanksgiving for those of us in the States. Great showing for the Survivor Series contest which was a little tougher because of so few matches, but we would end up with our first draw to be decided by the tiebreaker! We had 35 competitors and a possible 50 points.. plus everyone received 2 bonus points because Becky was revealed on Friday and I forgot to eliminate the question when that happened. The average score being 26.49 meant that anyone with 27 or more points received 1 point in the GRAND standings, the tiebreak loser receiving 2 points, and the winner receiving 3.

That said, your new CSS WWE Prediction Champ is Prince Moxley Lopez JUST eeking out the victory and snatching it away from DrFunk's second title this season. Congrats to Mr. Mox for winning the only championship that matters in the history of our great sport :p. Sorry this event was so rushed, but it kinda snuck up on me. We will return for Royal Rumble where I will make sure it's a little better mapped out :)


GRAND STANDINGS (for space saving, anyone with no points is hidden)

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