Tag Team Weekly Roundup and Power Ratings: A united and dominant Bloodline .. but for how long?

The main event War Games match of Survivor Series featured a masterclass from Sami Zayn and a united Bloodline. The former has become par for the course for WWE's current MVP, and the latter was more compelling with the dissension between Zayn and Jey Uso coming in.

The booking and Sami's decision were pretty close to perfection. He and Kevin Owens didn't have any significant interactions until KO had Roman Reigns pinned and Zayn stopped the ref from counting three (and didn't go after Owens to break up the pin, interestingly). The sequence when Sami gave KO a low blow (both physically and psychologically), then knelt next to Reigns before delivering the Helluva Kick and almost cradling his longtime best friend's body to the ground before motioning for Jey to finish the match -- just spectacular.

But this was a necessary step to make the eventual dissolution of The Bloodline even more epic. The hugs from Roman and Jey to Sami after the match meant something, as did seeing the heels united. Without this story beat, whenever somebody from The Bloodline turns on the group or is betrayed by them isn't as significant.

And remember, no faction lasts forever (with the exception of The New Day, we hope) and whether it's a member destroying it from the inside or babyfaces triumphing, it will be a huge moment. It's likely a WrestleMania moment, and Survivor Series sets the timeline on the right schedule. Having The Bloodline turn on Sami at Survivor Series is far too soon. Maybe somebody has to take out somebody to try to win the Royal Rumble. Or maybe we're reminded that it's easy for Jey or Sami to co-exist when they win, but not as much if they lose.

One way or another, the ending of War Games will make the eventual end of The Bloodline just that much sweeter.

The following Tag Team Power Rankings take into account wins, power and placement of segments, recentness of appearances, creative direction and momentum for teams and factions.

WWE Tag Team Power Rankings through Nov.. 26:

1. The Bloodline (last week: 1)

Pro: Still holding so much gold, and closed Survivor Series with an emphatic win featuring Sami Zayn in a compelling climax.
Con: They have no shortage of people, including a surely angry Kevin Owens, pursuing them and their titles. And The Usos took a loss to Sheamus and Drew McIntyre on SmackDown.

2. The OC (4)

Pro: AJ Styles picked up a win over Finn Balor to give his faction the edge (for now) over Judgment Day, while Mia Yim was on the winning side of the women's War Games match.
Con: The way this series has been going, JD may be due to get the win back.

3. Damage CTRL (Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai) (2)

Pro: Sky and Kai continue to hold tag gold.
Con: But they once again couldn't get a big win against Bianca Belair and friends.

4. Brawling Brutes (3)

Pro: Picked a win over Judgment Day on Raw, and got to shine in the main event of Survivor Series. Sheamus and pal Drew McIntyre also scored a win over The Usos.
Con: Came out on the losing end of War Games, after Butch also took a loss on SmackDown.

5. Judgment Day (5)

Pro: Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka to get the heels the advantage for the War Games match.
Con: Finn Balor took a loss at Survivor Series, while Rhea's team couldn't win War Games. Dom got Brogue Kicked and pinned by Sheamus in a six-man on Raw.

6. Pretty Deadly (7)

Pro: The NXT men's tag champs successfully defended against Chase U.
Con: Did so after a malfunction at the junction by the babyfaces (if Duke is a face?).

7. Toxic Attraction (not ranked)

Pro: Mandy Rose is still NXT champ and her colleagues are finally lining up another tag title shot after laying out the NXT tag champs.
Con: Now will have to deal with Nikkita Lyons as well as Team Ninja.

8. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter (6)

Pro: Still women's tag titleholders in NXT.
Con: Took a beatdown from Toxic Attraction.

9. Viking Raiders (not ranked)

Pro: Returned to the ring with a win over Hit Row.
Con: Have a lot of teams to get past to get near the top of SmackDown's stout tag division.

10. Legado del Fantasma (not ranked)

Pro: Santos Escobar won, with help from his faction, to advance to the World Cup championship.
Con: Since the winner of the tournament gets an Intercontinental Championship match, it seems more likely for the face in Ricochet to prove victorious.

Best tag segment of the week: Both War Games matches were a ton of fun, but The Bloodline winning the Survivor Series main event thanks to Sami Zayn showing his loyalty was top-shelf stuff.

Grade: A

While we only saw one tag championship match --vwhich was a fun one -- the other tag titles were represented in War Games matches and other segments across the board.

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