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NWA Roundup: Title defenses from Kamille & Kerry Morton, EC3 controlling naratives, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr (S11E2) featured Kamille defending the NWA Women’s World Championship and EC3 controlling narratives.

Kamille battled Jazmin Allure in the main event. Allure’s speed caused trouble for Kamille until the Brickhouse’s power caught a flying headscissors to counter for a powerbomb. Kamille added gutwrench slams and heavy suplexes to grind down Allure. The challenger showed fighting spirit to rally for a backstabber. Kamille escaped a DDT to land a pump kick. Kamille lifted Allure for a powerslam, but Allure countered for a stunner. Allure went high-risk for a flying attack. Kamille dodged then pounced for a spear to win. Even though the action wasn’t the crispest in execution, it was a still solid bout in entertainment for the 8-10 minute range. Fans of either wrestler will enjoy it.

EC3 and Thom Latimer resumed their issues for an airing of grievances. At Hard Times 3, Latimer allowed EC3 to get in his head to control the narrative. Latimer lost his cool and lost the match via disqualification. Latimer warned never to insult Kamille or how she feels about him. That will get an ass kicking. EC3 ridiculed the NWA’s stale booking of putting them on opposing teams in a tag match, which will predictably lead to an epic singles confrontation. EC3 stated that one will leave that final match a changed man, and the other will be the future NWA worlds heavyweight champion. Latimer agreed on that notion.

When it came time for the tag bout, Latimer was joined by Danny Flamingo. EC3 had Matt Lancie by his side. Latimer and EC3 started the contest. EC3 circled then tagged out. The match progressed with Latimer crushing Lancie. He shoved his opponent into the corner to encourage a tag to EC3. Latimer wanted to lay hands on his rival. EC3 entered the ring without tagging and hit his own partner with the headlock driver. EC3 played mind games to shove Lancie toward Latimer. Latimer took out his frustrations on Lancie for a crossface submission victory.

Somewhere along the way, EC3 was busted open on the forehead. I didn’t catch how it happened, but it wasn’t from Latimer. EC3 addressed the blood in a promo backstage. He will drag Latimer through seven stages of hell to test him physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In other action, NWA national heavyweight champion Cyon defeated Thrillbilly Silas Mason in a non-title affair. Cyon was getting thumped when he cheated for a roll-up with his feet on the ropes to win. Chuck Devine retained the Wildkat Sports Revolution Championship against Nate Bradley in a talent showcase. Bradley scored flashy offense as the smaller underdog while Devine was more meat and potatoes. Devine closed with a DDT to win.

On the story tip, Question Mark II was teaching Mongrovian karate class to students when he was ambushed by Aron Stevens and his Question Mark impersonators.

The latest episode of NWA USA (S5E2) featured Kerry Morton defending the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Fresh off winning the title from Homicide at Hard Times 3, Morton was challenged by another second generation wrestler in Colby Corino. They engaged in a competitive battle. Morton picked up momentum on a jawbreaker, spinning backfist, then swinging neckbreaker. Corino kicked out on the cover. They collided twice for clotheline stalemates, then a third double clothesline put both men down on the mat. Homicide and Ricky Morton were ringside for the contest. Homicide taunted papa Ricky, and that earned attention from the younger Morton. Corino took advantage of the distraction to tackle Kerry through the ropes. Corino tentatively shared a fist-bump with Homicide thinking they were on the same page. Homicide responded by flipping the bird. As soon as Corino reentered the ring, Kerry struck with a hanging DDT through the ropes. The champ finished with a running knee strike to retain his title.

In other action, Pope & JTG defeated Judais & Gaagz the Gymp. Father James Mitchell and Sal Rinauro were ringside to support the Miserably Faithful. The good guys double clotheslined behemoth Judais over the ropes. Pope hit a running double knees to Gaagz in the corner for victory. The Miserably Faithful berated Gaagz for the loss. Natalia Markova defeated Ella Envy. Kenzie Paige acted as special referee. The obvious fix was in to favor her tag team partner, but Markova forced Paige’s hand, literally. After Markova blasted Envy in the corner on a spinning high kick, Paige slowly counted one, two. On three, Markova grabbed Paige’s hand to slap the mat to complete an official three-count.

On the promo tip, the NWA will be seeing more of Baby Doll and her daughter Samantha Starr. Starr is coming for KiLynn King.

This week’s NWA programming was much more interesting than last week’s dud fallout to Hard Times 3. The two title bouts contained engaging action, and the EC3 storyline adds intrigue.

Closing on a cool note. NWA is traveling to Mexico in March for a showdown with AAA. Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins band is scheduled to headline The World Is a Vampire festival. That’s where NWA versus AAA matches will take place. This feels more like a side attraction to the festival rather than a true wrestling showdown, but perhaps it will lead to something more substantial down the line.

Share your thoughts on all the happenings from the NWA.

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