Worse than I feared... WarGames matches as seen by a tepid but optimistic WWE fan

I was wary of these matches... I didn't care much for the 3 NXT ones I had previously seen, the format guarantees 30 min of time filler before a false finish, and the number of competitors all but assures awkwardness and overselling (multiple competitors laying in the corners catching their breath). Two of the same arbitrary match being presented is as bad as the Hell in a Cell PPV... but this was worse than I ever imagined. The lack of action, the awkward time killing (Nikki Cross randomly jumping on the top rope for a minute only to climb down), the obvious positioning and coordination... I and many others roll eyes at some of the awkwardly choreographed "matches" features on AEW, but War Games tonight gave the "aew botches" twitter account more mock-worthy content than the last year of Dynamite and Rampage. Even things like Becky clearly waiting for Bianca to KOD Bayley while Dakota and Iyo played dead... ugh. Awful.

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