The Nightly: November 25th, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight, we take a look at the November 13th, 2000 episodes of WWF Raw Is War/War Zone and WCW Monday Nitro.

On Raw, it was the go home Raw for Survivor Series, and it included some big tag matches, like Angle, Edge, and Christian taking on the Hollys and Undertaker in what was a strange trios team to say the least. Main event was also an eight man tag, with Austin, Rock, The One Billy Gunn, and Chyna taking in the Radicalz. There was also the Raw debut of K-Kwik, better known today as R-Truth. Not much to say about this Raw, it was a solid go home Raw as we head towards Survivor Seriee.

As far as Nitro goes, I’m positive Russo wrote this show, as his fingerprints seemed all over this show, with Elix Skipper questioning of The Cat was over, and Terry Crews calling WCW fake. There was also the Lethal Lottery making a comeback, because that’s what WCW truly needed.

On to the Nightly.

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