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MLW Fusion recap: Falls Count Anywhere world title fight on NYC rooftop

Just when you thought one meaty meal was over at the Thanksgiving dining table, MLW served a second course of meat in the form of a Falls Count Anywhere world heavyweight title fight between Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday on the latest episode of Fusion.

Let’s get right to the main event action.

Tim Barr did the honors to handle introductions for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship bout. I love Barr’s booming enunciation. Hammerstone entered with bandaged ribs. Holliday stalled early to set up a kick to the ribs. Hammerstone collapsed in pain. Holliday followed up with punches to the body and stomps on the midsection. After Hammer executed a back body drop, he lifted Holliday in a gorilla press but had to immediately release due to the pain. Holliday went back on the attack to focus on the ribs. Hammerman grit through the discomfort for a suplex on the floor.

The Falls Count Anywhere theme roamed wild as Hammerstone and Holliday brawled to the back, up the stairwell, and out onto the rooftop lounge overlooking New York City. Holliday tried to dump Hammer off the roof. Watch this clip and imagine you’re a neighbor below chilling in the backyard only to look up and see two muscular men fighting in their speedos. What would your reaction be?

The fighting progressed back to the ring, behind the curtain again, and to the ring one more time for the climax. In the process, Holliday was able to hit a piledriver on stage, but he couldn’t finish Muscle Mountain. Hammerstone exploded for a German suplex and sitdown powerbomb in the ring. Holliday kicked out. Hammer tried to set up a superplex, however, Holliday outsmarted him for a super 2008 twisting neckbreaker. Hammerstone refused to lose.

Holliday slapped his Dynasty bro across the face. That only poured fuel on the fire raging within Hammerstone. The champion pumped up in an exchange of strikes. Holliday shoved Hammer into the ropes. Hammerman shot back for a clothesline. He didn’t waste time applying the Torture Rack while Holliday was dazed. Holliday tapped out in defeat.

That was a fun Falls Count Anywhere contest. Cruising to the rooftop was a neat touch. Often times in wrestling, the shows look the exact same no matter the city. It’s cool to see instances when MLW uses the unique surroundings to enhance their broadcast. The action was a simple story of Holliday targeting tender ribs, while Hammerstone made wrestling’s musclemen legends proud with his power offense. Submitting Holliday added insult to injury that he will never live down whenever eyeing Hammerstone in the future. That’s a fitting finish for this chapter of their feud.

There will be no rest for Hammerstone. MLW announced that Cesar Duran booked the champ to wrestle Bandido in a title fight on next week’s Fusion.

In addition, EJ Nduka requested a future challenge against Hammerstone. Nduka stated his case right after the main event. The two strongest people in MLW fighting as titan versus titan. Hammerstone liked the idea. He isn’t one to turn down a fight. They shook hands for a loose agreement to a future battle. Once Hammer turned his back, Nduka blasted him with the title belt. Nduka ushered Hammerstone to the ring for a spinebuster onto a table. The wood didn’t break, so Nduka did it again. Boom! Complete destruction of the table.

The idea of Hammerstone versus Nduka is very titillating. That was a solid way to kick-start a feud. MLW also sold Nduka well with a hype package earlier in the episode about his journey into professional wrestling. The world title scene in MLW is looking to be packed with excitement.

In other action from Fusion, Taya Valkyrie defended the MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship against Brittany Blake. The challenger attacked during the introductions to set the tone of control throughout. Taya was often fighting defensively, such as dodging a flying stomp to pounce for a spear.

Taya kept on the pressure for a Blue Thunder Bomb and a half crab submission. Blake reached the ropes for the break. A lungblower put Blake back in the game, but Taya blocked a tornado DDT to counter for a suplex. The champ fired up to shout, “Viva La Wera Loca, cabrona.” That outburst didn’t frighten Blake. The challenger cinched in a cloverleaf submission variation. Taya grabbed the ropes to get free. Little did Blake know that the end was near. After a crushing lariat, Taya curb stomped Blake to set up the Loca Lock cross-legged STF submission for victory.

That women’s title fight was a nifty duel. I was not expecting Blake to score so much offense. She kept Taya on her toes in a struggle to retain. Despite defeat, Blake was impressive in her performance.

On the promo tip, Mance Warner revealed a new scoops hotline. Call 1-900 Ol Mancer. Warner dished a free scoop that the man under the Mads Krugger mask is actually Doc Gallows. (Clarification in case you aren’t in on the joke, that scoop is not true. Don’t let Mancer know I said that.)

On the news scene for upcoming episodes of Fusion, Shun Skywalker is arriving soon to MLW to challenge Myron Reed for the MLW World Middleweight Championship. (Reminder that this episode was taped in June. The result of that match has been spoiled publicly.) AAA is sending luchadoras to the Super Series. Lady Shani, Lady Flammer, La Hiedra, and Reina Dorada will compete in a four-way for a shot at Taya’s MLW gold.

Fusion streams for free through Pro Wrestling TV. Fresh episodes debut Thursday nights at 8 pm ET.

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