The Nightly: Turkey Day Edition

Hello Nightly!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight we take a look at the November 6th, 2000 episodes of WCW Nitro and WWF Raw Is War.

On Raw, we slowly begin the build for Survivor Series 2000. Kurt Angle shows a mean streak, Vince McMahon cuts a promo on voting, and Raven battles Jerry Lawler while Tazz and JR go on a Rampage on commentary. We also find out who Rikishi’s accomplice is, and it’s not the Rock, but rather Triple H. It’s who it always should’ve been from the start rather than Rikishi.

And on Nitro, we begin the build for Mayhem. Shawn Stasiak costs Coach Nash the WCW title, and Diamond Dallas Page finally makes his return… by doing a crossover angle with Battle Dome? One of whom is Terry Crews? This seemed really random. We also get the build for Goldberg/Luger, in which I am sure will be a five star clinic classic.

On to the Nightly.

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