The 5 Star Main Event That Deserves No Stars

Jericho and Ishii put on a clinic earlier today that so many could learn from. It was a main event that so many wrestling shows past or present would dream of having.

But you know what, this was not the time for it.

Tonight was AEW's chance to showcase their best asset.. their future. Ricky Starks did it first off. Jamie Hayter came off as a big star. So who main evented?

Chris Jericho and the ROH title.

It was an INCREDIBLE match.. these two turned back the sands of time and found something deep down to make this match amazing, but who comes out of this looking good? Who comes out on top at the end of the show?

It's Jericho... MJF is nowhere. It's great that Claudio came through, but this is AEW.. NOT ROH! I can't be the only one that sees this. It's time to let the youth shine. If you continue to focus on the Elite and Jericho then you continue to get the same deal over and over again.

If MJF wasn't there Ricky's match should have main evented. It's TIME for the future.


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