Historically Significant Disasters of Wrestling #98 The Rollins/Ambrose Feud of 2018/19 Part Two

Taking things to the Mox...

So there's a few things I want to articulate first:

  1. We are going to assume for storyline purposes that Dean Ambrose is going to go. This is a little bit of a cheat, but I think that to do a complete story that closes out the Dean Ambrose era, we need to just say that from the outset.
  2. While I haven't really pushed hard on Roman's illness as much as other fantasy bookers that I admire, it does inform aspects of this booking.
  3. I want this to be a story of what the Shield has given these three men...but also what it has taken away.
  4. I want to use this to help make Survivor Series interesting.
  5. I want to help make a more coherent path to Seth becoming champion at Mania.
So, we start with the same October 22nd ending of Raw. But the next week, we begin with Dean Ambrose who walks to the ring with both tag team belts. He lays them in front of him and grabs a mic and stares directly into the camera.

Seth, I know you'll be watching this from your home. So while your convalescing at home let me tell you and these fans why I did what did.
Four years ago I was part of the most dominant faction in WWE history. I was one of three brothers who believed in the cause of justice. We had fought Deadman, Demons, World Eaters, Bests in the World, Beasts, Vipers and Cerebral Assassins.
But it was all torn from me by Seth Rollins.
And I therefore swore vengeance on you Seth for what you took from me while Roman set upon the quest to be WWE Champion.
And at the time I didn't begrudge Roman or question why he wasn't willing to shed blood for the cause like I was- being pissed off at you took up all my headspace. So I still considered Roman a loyal friend and I was willing the next year to put my body on the line for him as he took on Bray Wyatt and his family or when he had his beef with the Authority. And again, I did this because I thought when I needed friends to help me, Roman would be there for me.
And I thought that my faith was answered when you came to help me in 2017 against the Miztourage and the Bar and we got the band back together with Roman. I thought that even though you strayed we could rebuild the cause again. The Hounds of Justice would rule WWE once more.
But then I got hurt. And you both moved on.
I want you to know how much that hurt, Seth. And while you and Roman had your championship matches and main events I had to stay at home and wonder whether the two of you truly believed in the Shield or whether you were just using it to string me along as your goon.
But I still couldn't let what we had go. Like a fool I believed that if I proved you both wrong by getting in the best damn shape of my life, then I could show you what we would be together. I was so willing, so determined to show my loyalty that I couldn't see the toxicity I was swimming in.
I loved what we were, Seth. But it was only when Roman fell ill that I realised how it became twisted and distorted where I had all the obligations and none of the control. We used to be the Hounds of Justice, but now you both treat me like your lapdog and I am done. This time *holding up the tag belts*, I will take control before it is taken from me. And if you want to show that you are more deserving of these, you'll step up and fight me for them.

And that's how we articulate Ambrose's heel turn- based off a simmering resentment not only towards Rollins but also Reigns and the fact that both have sorta not really invested in the Shield the way Ambrose has. The next week on Raw, Ambrose costs Seth the IC title first up against Drew McIntyre- distracting Seth before Drew rolls him up (this is important as their night is not over).

Now, at the same time, we are going to emphasise a feud between Acting Raw GM Baron Corbin and Smackdown Commissioner Shane O'Mac. Corbin is going to try and bury Smackdown in order to try and run Shane out of his office and be put there himself, so he puts the challenge to Shane at Survivor Series- if his men's team beats Shane O'Mac's, Shane will relinquish his commission of SD and give it to Corbin. Shane agrees, on the condition that if Shane wins, Corbin will relinquish his position as Raw GM.

So, we have Corbin trying to recruit the best teams he can, and selects his team in the main event segment of November 6th in a confrontation with Shane. However Corbin stupidly selects both Seth and Dean on the team in the main event but seeing everything break down as the two of them go hell for leather, with the rest of the team having to keep them apart, leaving Shane to watch on from the stage and smile.

It is announced during the week that on the go-home Raw Corbin has decided to bring both Rollins and Ambrose to the ring, but before he can get a word out the two again smash the shit out of each other before security comes rushing down. Corbin is furious and is about to fire them both when-


Yes Triple H comes out and says that in almost all circumstances he'd agree that Seth and Dean should be fired. But he said that these two are the future of WWE and should be given the chance to settle their differences at Survivor Series, with the winner walking away with the Tag Team Championships. Naturally Corbin is miffed, but relinquishes.

So Survivor Series comes around and we're going to take a leaf out of the Kingston/Punk match for Ambrose/Rollins. Before the match even starts, when Seth holds up his tag belt when he's announced before the match- Dean clocks him with his! Seth crumples and Dean waits in the corner in the belt waiting to clock him again, only for Seth to kick him in the gut, and hits a ripcord knee. Both workers then slump in their respective corner as the ref comes to check on both. At the same time the commentators put over the fact that both have hit the other with a massive shot- how much will each have left? Eventually the bell will ring and they both start laying in hockey punches and it becomes a wild brawl, with both using 5 counts when using the ropes and importantly it only goes for 11 mins when Dean manages to catch Seth in a vicious bulldog choke when he counters a Stomp, causing him to pass out. Ambrose then takes both tag belts and hits Seth Rollins with a Dirty Deeds on them before walking out with his belts. Later on in the night the Bar are instrumental in helping Team Smackdown to beat Team Raw and getting Corbin fired out of the GM seat.

Rollins takes the next two Raws off, while Ambrose comes out on the post Survivor Series Raw and says he has not only found his new partner, but they will be in action later tonight against two jobbers:


That's right- just as Seth Rollins tagged with Jason Jordan, Dean Ambrose will tag with his left behind partner- seeing in him a like minded soul who was discarded or taken for granted by people he considered as family. Ambrose and Gable will go on a tear through the tag division, holding the belts through December and January. You can even have them both submit babyfaces as their finishers- with one dismantling a limb, leaving it open for the other to use their limb/head submission.

But what about Seth?

Seth comes back on the third week after Survivor Series and finds that he has incurred the wrath of Baron Corbin, who is going to make Rollins' life a living hell. Corbin reveals that two other workers are pissed off at Seth for putting petty personal beefs above the well being of Raw because they were going to have a big role in the new Corbin-run Smackdown. McIntyre and Ziggler run down and help Corbin beat the piss out of Seth. McIntyre will beat Rollins at TLC with assistance from the other two, and on the lead up to the Rumble Seth will beat all three of them to gain some momentum.

About three weeks from the Rumble, just to plant a seed, we have Seth being interviewed backstage when Dean pulls up, complete with tag title on his shoulder. He says to Seth that he is under no illusion that Seth has learned his lesson and if he comes out of the Royal Rumble match as the winner he doubts Seth has the moral fibre to actually realise it. So he declares that he is going to enter the match, in order to ensure that when he dumps Seth over the top rope and ruins his dreams of another WWE Championship, he knows it was by the guy who he and Roman used for all that time. And Seth and Roman, wherever he is, can believe that.

Now during the Men's Rumble, we'll have Dean come out at about 10, and Seth at 17. At first, both competitors are just fixated on each other and get cut off by others to stop a true confrontation before we have Chad Gable come out at 25. However, as the rumble goes on, Rollins begins to realise that he's going deep enough to win it, while Ambrose is getting more and more incensed that Rollins is still there. The last 4 are Gable, Ambrose, Mysterio and Rollins, and it essentially becomes a two on two match for a little while before Ambrose and Gable manage to get Mysterio slumped in a corner and Seth over the top rope, where he just manages to clamber back in before he hits the floor. Seeing this, Ambrose- in a moment of rage- grabs Chad Gable and launches him at Rollins, who just manages to low bridge Gable and eliminates him. Dean at the same time eliminates Mysterio, but then to his horror sees that Rollins is still there, slumped and exhausted. Dean goes ballistic at this point, beating ten types of hell out of Rollins and screaming in his face "You are not going to take this away!!!" He then kicks Rollins in the stomach and tries for Dirty Deeds, but is countered into a Pedigree! The two of them then have a mini match a la Undertaker/HBK in the 2007 Rumble before Ambrose tries his rebound clothesline, only for Rollins to back up til he's one the rope and backdrop Ambrose over the ropes, winning the Rumble. Seth is elated, beating the mat in jubilation and catharsis before he finally refocuses and looks up to see Dean walking slowly up the ramp, utterly broken. Seth pauses and looks curiously at Dean, with the commentary putting over the fact that maybe Rollins realises how much this has cost not only himself, but Ambrose. As Dean turns around to face Seth and locks eyes, Seth nods out of respect, but Dean says audibly (obviously off mic) "Piss off."

This takes us to the next night after the Royal Rumble, Dean comes out in the beginning and gets on the mic. He simply starts by saying that once again he had to watch Seth Rollins win the gilded opportunity. Despite being in the Rumble for longer, hitting more moves, bleeding more and eliminating more opponents (this is all true) Ambrose is passed over. Well, this is a tale that he is no longer willing to be a part of, so he says to the crowd that he is not renewing his contract after Wrestlemania. He is here to say goodbye and good riddance to his two feckless stablemates and hopes that Roman may have learned a thing or two during his vacation when he gets handed the golden ticket again. Maybe he'll even stop stealing the music of a group he's leeching from, rather than epitomising.

Enter Seth Rollins, angry at this (admittedly minor- you could spice it up a bit more if needed) shot at their brother. He says that this is low even by Dean's standards- pretending to leave so he can play the victim while Roman is getting better. Suddenly Triple H appears and confirms to Rollins that it isn't a joke- Ambrose is in fact leaving. So Seth says that if this is the case, it has suddenly become a win-win situation for the Architect- he can get the best tune-up possible before facing the Beast while whipping Dean Ambrose ten ways from Sunday at Elimination Chamber in a 30 minute No Holds Barred Iron Man Match! Dean agrees, but Triple H says for this to happen they must agree to not make physical contact before then, which both (reluctantly) agree to. Ambrose says that he may not be able to take Seth's title shot at Wrestlemania away from him, but he can ensure that he arrives there in pieces.

During the next week, Gable and Ambrose defend their tag team titles against the Revival. Ambrose and Gable seem to have this in hand, when Ambrose- trying to make a point- attempts a curb stomp which is countered into a roll up by Dash- giving the Revival the Raw Tag Team Championships. Gable looks a bit stunned and then tries to remonstrate with Ambrose, who just walks off, not even acknowledging Gable at all.

So, the reasoning for the leaving announcement is two-fold. One, by making Ambrose say it will hopefully give him an injection of heel heat as well as a wrinkle to raise the stakes for the EC match. Secondly, it positions Ambrose as having nothing to lose, so it makes him even more dangerous. Thirdly it positions the feud for the final step, which is the go-home Raw, where the two of them have a contract signing.

So at the contract signing, Seth says that he needs to understand why Dean is leaving. He knows that Dean has blamed him rightly for breaking up the Shield in the past but he wants to know why- after all this- doesn't he realise that they are stronger together.

And that's when Dean cuts this (or something like this):

Seth I've seen you for a lot of things. Hypocritical, sanctimonious, but I have never pegged you for downright stupid until now. You say we were stronger together when you and Roman were the ones who would call on me for help. And every time I would put my body on the line for the cause that we once all believed until one or the both of you pissed off for the new shiny trinket to put in your collections. And I would be left trying to collect up the scraps of what was my career and start again. The Shield was once a cause, Seth, but now it has become a stepping stone- a platform for the two of you to exploit so that you can get that little bit closer to whatever you two want next.

But that's not even why I'm leaving Seth. You really wanna know why you holier-than-thou prick? I am leaving to save myself because if I stay behind I know that I'll be dragged back again. I wanna say I hate you and Roman, and it may look like I do, but the plain fact of the matter is that even now, I know that if you and Roman stuck your freakin' fists in front of me, there's a part of me that would want to do the same. And I would go through the same tables and feel the same pain the next day because I would tell myself that this time- this time- they wouldn't be looking for the opportunity to get out. They would understand how much blood, sweat and tears I have LEFT IN THIS GODDAMN RING for them- the people I love the most in all of the business. You could blame me for killing the Shield by what I have done over the past couple of weeks, but the fact of the matter is the idea of the Shield has poisoned my career and my mind, to the point where I have derailed months of my peak career years to throw myself on hand grenades for you both.

You say you want revenge for what I have done for the past six months. Well I have six years worth of revenge that I have waiting to unload on you on Sunday...

Dean signs the contract and gets up and leaves, leaving Seth in the ring looking conflicted as Dean's tirade sinks in.

So this leads us to the match at Elimination Chamber where Dean goes 1-0 up quickly after catching Seth with a vicious Dirty Deeds onto a chair, before spending the rest of the match targeting Seth's neck. However Seth manages to get a roll up to even the scores at 1-1 at the 20 min mark before the violence escalates. Near the end Dean makes a bad mistake that makes him slam his knee into the ringpost. Seth then targets it with a chair, smashing it again and again. Dean tries to guts it out but finds a lot of his offence compromised, to the point that he tries to kick the stomach for a Dirty Deeds, only to find the knee lock up and he keels over in agony (commentary can put this over). Seth tries to go for a quick pin to end it, but Dean is not letting Seth take the lead, until the 28 minute mark where Dean finally gets to his knees and shrugs his shoulders to Seth emptily. Seth kicks Dean low in the stomach and then hits the stomp, pinning Dean. He then slowly walks to the corner while Dean crawls back to his corner, in pain. He refuses the ref's help and then tries to lock up with Seth, knowing that he's lost but not going out until the bell. After the 30 mins is up Seth looks at Dean, who is slumped with his face in his hands, unable to get up. Seth walks out of the ring and pauses as he gets close to Dean- almost like he is about to offer a hand to pull him up, but he doesn't, he just waits outside the ring as the stretcher comes to take Dean away, as he can't get up.

Now, after EC Roman Reigns returns and offers to be in Seth's corner for Wrestlemania- saying that as his "brother" it is the least he can do. Seth, however, says no. Roman, confused at first- points out that they need each other more than ever since Dean "went nuts". But Seth says that Dean was right- Roman and Seth exploited him, albeit often unintentionally and now Dean has hit rock bottom because he feels he cannot stay where his two brothers are. Seth asks Roman what kind of friends were we to allow this to happen? In any case, Rollins does not want to be the person who won because of the Shield; he wants to win because he's Seth Freakin' Rollins. They shake hands and embrace and that's when McIntyre and Corbin attack- leading to a tag-team match between them all at Fast Lane, which McIntyre and Corbin win after Lashley interferes and costs the faces the match.

Finally, Chad Gable will begin to cut some promos on the lead up to Mania calling Ambrose a hypocrite and an exploiter- just like Seth and Roman. He says that he realises now that Dean never cared and so he wants a match at Mania. Dean is not 100%, but he acknowledges Gable is right- that he did use Chad for his own gain and so he accepts. They then have a 13 min match that Gable wins with an ankle lock- targeting the bad knee and making Ambrose tap. They both then shake hands afterwards and let bygones be bygones. Also, there will be a backstage segment where the 3 members of the Shield bump into each other, after Rollins has the belt and Ambrose apologises to Roman, where Roman apologises back (I know- it's a little saccharine, but I don't have much time). This sets up the Shield Final Chapter mini PPV, which will see Ambrose go- a face and his time with the Shield reconciled.

And that's my epic re-booking (phew!) I hope you enjoyed it! We're counting down to 100! Stay tuned for the next one! :)

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