The Nightly: November 21st, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight we take a look at the October 16th, 2000 episodes of WWF Raw Is War/War Zone and WCW Monday Nitro.

On Raw, it was the go home Raw for No Mercy 2000. Angle and Stephanie have formed a business partnership, Triple H battles Kane, and Rikishi gives his first interview since revealing that he ran down Austin. We also get a cool angle with Rikishi and Austin where Rikishi once again attempted to run over Austin, with it taking place in the very same arena where Austin was run down in the first place back at Survivor Series 1999. And we also saw Los Conquistadors in action, with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler arguing on commentary about if this team is actually Edge and Christian in disguise.

As far as Nitro goes, much like the last episode, this took place in Australia and there was nothing to say about this episode. Nothing happens on this episode, and this episode didn’t even have the novelty of Jeff Jarrett dressed as Surfer Sting. And a boring Booker/Shane Douglas match in the middle of the show didn’t help matters.

On to the Nightly.

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