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NWA Roundup: Tyrus’ first promo as champion, Homicide blows a gasket, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance.

NWA was coming in hot off the heels of the Hard Times 3 PPV with Tyrus as new worlds heavyweight champion. The latest edition of NWA Powerrr (S11E1) featured Tyrus’ first promo with the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Tyrus entered on stage flanked by national champion Cyon and new TV titleholder Jordan Clearwater with managers Austin Idol and BLK Jeez as Idolmania Sports Management in conjunction with Church’s Money Enterprises. The faction members were all carrying championships in the NWA.

Tyrus put over the success of his crew. When asked what’s next as worlds champ, Tyrus responded:

Well, that’s the beautiful thing. This is the NWA. There is nowhere to go. All you gotta do when you’re on top of the mountain is wait.

You know, Trevor (Murdoch) and I, he got me one, I got him one. So, you know there’s another number in there. Matt Cardona, you know he’s gonna say he still hasn’t been beaten, so he’s gonna have an issue. Then you got EC3 in the building. You got Thomas Latimer in the building. And every time you look, there’s a Thrillbilly (Silas) running around.

Everywhere, through every corner, matter of fact, I am not blind to know that both of these champions (Cyon and Clearwater) can cash in at any time. And the one thing we have here, as you know, in our history is we’re not afraid to keep it in house. So, I’m at the top of the mountain, and let the games begin. I duck no challengers. Anybody wants some... Hell, Billy Corgan do some pushups and situps, he can get his little singing ass in here and get beat too.

I don’t care who it is. Sign a waiver, get cleared, bring your ass in here, and get sent home hurt. It don’t matter to me. Because it’s my world, and you just living in it. You watch me, I don’t watch you.

For the main event contest, Aron Stevens was forced to compete against Kratos. Stevens tried to weasel out by protesting as a retired wrestler and a current full-time manager. Once Kratos turned his back, Stevens attacked and accepted the bout. As soon as the opening bell rang, Kratos pummeled Stevens. Two masked Mongrovian fighters rushed the ring to assist Stevens. Question Mark II ran in to help Kratos, but the numbers were too much. Stevens’ goons held up Kratos for a loaded glove punch.

It has been obvious that Rodney Mack in the trunks is under the Question Mark mask. The question remains as to who is under the other two Question Mark masks. What’s your guess?

NWA Powerrr

In other action, Clearwater defended the TV title against Mims. The 6:05 time-limit ran out for a draw. As Mims was picking up steam with 20 seconds remaining, Clearwater crushed a big boot. The champ made the cover with 2 second left, but it was too late. Odinson defeated Ryan Davidson in a competitive contest. A pounce shoulder block earned the win.

The latest episode of NWA USA (S5E1) featured the Fixers defending the NWA United States Tag Team Championship against the Country Gentlemen.

The US tag title bout opened the show. Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky bested AJ Cazana & Adorable Anthony Andrews in burly action. Hot tag to Cazana, then Andrews tagged himself back in. That led to an argument. The Fixers shoved the Country Gentlemen into each other. The champs double chokeslammed Andrews for victory.

For the main event, Jace Valor defeated Homicide via disqualification. Homicide was angry about losing the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship to Kerry Morton, and he took his frustrations out on his opponent. Homicide was vicious bending the rules, and the referee called for the bell when Homicide ignored warnings. Afterward, Homicide blew a gasket making a scene flipping the bird, flipping tables and guardrails, and stealing an extra large jacket.


In other action, Missa Kate defeated Madi Wrenkowski. Kate ducked an axe kick to counter for a roundhouse kick for victory.

Woof. I’d give this week’s programming of NWA an F grade. They had attention and momentum coming off the Hard Times 3 PPV, and nothing was done to create a fire of desire. No hot angles, no intrigue, no nothing. PPV fallouts are always a ripe opportunity to win over new fans, and the NWA laid an egg.

Share your thoughts on all the happenings from the NWA.

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