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CMLL Roundup: ROH/Impact veteran and NJPW young lion in action, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

CMLL had a pair of interesting visitors in Vincent and Yota Tsuji. The Horror King is known from his work in Ring of Honor and more recently in Impact as part of the Honor No More group. Yota is a NJPW young lion, mentored by Togi Makabe, on excursion to hone his craft. NJPW provides the following fun fact about Yota:

A graduate of Nippon Sports Science University, Yota Tsuji was part of the university American football team; he credits his time as the quarterback for his powerful right arm chops and lariats.

Vincent and Yota teamed together along with Mesias in trios action against Blue Panther, Valiente, and Soberano Jr. on Friday night (Nov. 11). Yota flashed some personality in this highlight courtesy of Luchablog.

Vincent was the deciding factor in victory for the third fall. After he accidentally ran into the referee in the corner, he made use of the situation to kick Soberano Jr. with a low blow to win.

Afterward, Soberano Jr. challenged Vincent to a singles duel next week, and the match was made official for Friday, November 18. As for Yota, he’ll be on the card for trios action. Both will men also be making the rounds for various CMLL shows during the week.

Enjoy the action-packed highlights of the debuts from Vincent and Yota in CMLL.

In the main event from that same show, Volador Jr. battled Atlantis Jr. Volador Jr. took the first fall on a lungblower. Atlantis Jr. evened the score on a spinning sitdown powerbomb to win the second fall.

Atlantis Jr. executed a pair of monkey flips to start the third fall. Other cool moves include a Code Red from Volador Jr., Atlantis Jr. running down the ramp to leap over the ropes for a crossbody, and a frog splash from Atlantis Jr. In the end, Volador Jr. hit the Mexican Destroyer, but Atlantis Jr. kicked out. Atlantis Jr. rallied for a ramp-running sunset flip bomb over the ropes. Volador Jr. kicked out on that cover, but he could not escape what came next. Atlantis Jr. finished with La Atlantida torture rack submission for victory.

Take a peak of pleasure in the highlights for that bout.

In championship news from earlier in the week, Gran Guerrero conquered Hechicero to win the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. Hechicero’s reign lasted 409 days.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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