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Tyrus wins NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

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Tyrus is the new NWA worlds heavyweight champion, and he didn’t even need to use the heart punch to do it.

Heading into Hard Times 3, Trevor Murdoch carried the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in his possession. Murdoch was originally scheduled to wrestle Matt Cardona in singles action. Cardona was cashing in his promise from Billy Corgan for a title shot in exchange for peacefully relinquishing the title upon injury. Cardona was ready to reclaim the title he never lost.

Tyrus entered the mix cashing in the Lucky 7 rule as NWA television champion. Tyrus was so close to beating Murdoch for the gold at NWA 74 that he gave up his precious TV title in an effort to get another shot. Tyrus had the ultimate confidence in himself, and that belief paid off.

Cardona entered first for the PPV main event. Tyrus was next, accompanied by BLK Jeez. Murdoch arrived in the champion slot. The referee treated it like a marquee attraction by discussing the rules with each competitor. Ring the bell!

Murdoch requested that Tyrus step aside to give him 60 seconds alone with pesky pest Cardona. Tyrus obliged out of respect. Cardona weaseled out of the ring, so Tyrus and Jeez forced him back inside. Murdoch packed a punch to pummel Cardona. After a body slam by Murdoch, Tyrus entered the fray. Murdoch surprised Tyrus with a quick flying bulldog finisher.


Cardona was on the outside and used his wits to place Tyrus’ foot on the ropes to break the pin.

The match progressed with a spinebuster from Murdoch to Cardona. Tyrus rammed Murdoch shoulder-first into the ring post. Cardona attempted a flying crossbody, however, Tyrus caught him for a body slam. The Funkasaurus followed with a running splash. Cardona kicked out.

Chelsea Green ran down to help her man by distracting the referee. Cardona landed a low blow and Radio Silence jumping leg lariat. Tyrus kicked out. Cardona regrouped on the outside with bad intentions. He picked up the title belt as a foreign object and plotted to strike Tyrus. Murdoch came from behind for a roll-up on Cardona. Kick out.

Murdoch continued his assault on Cardona with a full nelson slam and sitdown powerbomb. Cardona was always ready to kick out. Tyrus took control for suplexes to both opponents. Tyrus picked up speed for corner splashes back and forth and back and forth. Tyrus went for a double goozle, but Cardona and Murdoch countered for a double suplex.

For a few brief seconds, enemies Cardona and Murdoch worked together pounding Tyrus. That partnership did not last long. Cardona shoved Murdoch, so Murdoch hit a DDT on Cardona.

Murdoch decided it was time for payback. Back when Murdoch lost the worlds title to Cardona, he was left a bloody mess on the floor due to violence from Cardona. Murdoch repaid the favor with a DDT on the floor.

Even though that was cathartic for Murdoch, he made the mistake of taking his eyes off Tyrus. Murdoch rolled Cardona back into the ring with sole focus on him. Tyrus was waiting ready to pounce. Murdoch turned around into a Tongan death grip and chokeslam. Tyrus picked up the winning pin on Murdoch to become the new NWA worlds champion.


Cardona, Murdoch, and Tyrus are not work-rate wrestlers with flashy maneuvers, so they did it the old-school way by crafting an emotional story to make fans care about the outcome. This was a hard-fought contest building drama toward the climax. On the outside looking in, it’s easy to doubt Tyrus as NWA worlds champion, but he fits the vibe of the classic studio wrestling feel they are trying to achieve.

Are you excited for the new era of the NWA with Tyrus leading the charge?

Get full results for Hard Times 3 here. The PPV is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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