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Kamille tapped out but still retained the NWA Women’s World Championship at Hard Times 3

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Kamille remains a one-time NWA women’s world champion.


The Brickhouse defended the Burke in a three-way against KiLynn King and Chelsea Green at the NWA’s Hard Times 3 PPV. Kamille shockingly tapped out to a submission, however, the referee missed it. The champ picked her spot to strike for victory to retain the NWA Women’s World Championship.

Kamille struggled early and often, which was rare for the dominant titleholder. After being clotheslined by Green over the ropes and crashing to the floor, Kamille was knocked loopy. When Kamille reentered the ring, she ate a kick to the head from King. That contact kept Kamille in a daze. Green stepped on the gas pedal to curb stomp Kamille into the bottom turnbuckle.

Despite the pain, that didn’t stop Kamille from feats of strength. As King had Green in a waistlock, Kamille came from behind for a German suplex train.


Kamille cleared the cobwebs for an Oklahoma Stampede powerslam on Green. King got the better of Kamille in the next exchange. King executed a fireman’s carry slam on the champ. Kamille kicked out on the cover. King transitioned to a crossface submission. Green pulled the referee out of the ring. That’s when Kamille tapped.


King should have been the new champion. Since the referee was occupied with Green, he completely missed it.

As the match progressed into a slugfest, Kamille picked up King for a torture rack. Green leaped for a flying dropkick to break it up. Green went for failed pins on both opponents. Back on her feet, Green hit a cutter on Kamille. King flew in with a diving splash onto the pile. King focused on Green for the pumphandle Excalibuster finisher. Kamille broke up the pinfall.

King stomped on Kamille. Green hit the Unprettier on King. Green made a fatal error showboating to the crowd. When she turned around, Kamille struck with a spear.


1, 2, 3. And still one-time champion, Kamille!


Kamille has held the NWA Women’s World Championship for over 500 days and counting. With a reign that long, it’s hard to bring your best every single night. Kamille looked mortal for the first time in her run as champion. She’s had hard-fought contests before, but she was never in as much trouble as she was in this bout. Kamille tapped out. That’s a shocker. King deserves another shot, and the third time might be the charm to dethrone Kamille.

As for the quality of the bout, it was a dandy. The pace flowed non-stop with sneaky moves creating pinfall opportunities. The action created real doubt whether Kamille would retain, and that added drama for the finish.

The contest wasn’t as wild as Kamille’s defenses against Taya Valkyrie and Max The Impaler at NWA 74 weekend, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It felt more like a story tool showing that the end Kamille’s reign may be near. That vulnerability will be helpful in the future, since Kamille has pretty much cleaned out the division. Beyond possible rematches with King, Taya, and Max, the NWA will need to bring in fresh faces to feed Kamille. That is if she remains one-time champ.

Get full results for Hard Times 3 here. The PPV is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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