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Ricky Morton’s son wins championship at NWA Hard Times 3 PPV

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Ricky Morton is a proud papa after his son won an NWA championship at Hard Times 3.


Kerry Morton challenged Homicide for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. Kerry previously had a shot at the title at the NWA 74th Anniversary show. He took Homicide to the limit, and that forced the champ to result to dirty tactics for a heel turn. Hard Times 3 was Kerry’s chance at payback.

Kerry started strong moving one step ahead of Homicide to control the pace. The challenger scored a slingshot sunset flip pin early, but Homicide kicked out. Kerry worked the knee of his adversary. Homicide came back for a suplex and flashed middle fingers to the crowd. Homicide embraced his heel side to fish hook Kerry.

Kerry rallied with a pair of roll-ups and a DDT. Homicide kicked out. Kerry low bridged Homicide over the ropes to the outside and followed for a slingshot plancha. Homicide caught the young Morton to slam against the apron. As Homicide used the ring skirt to stifle Kerry, the elder Morton stepped in to protect his son. Homicide didn’t back down and unloaded a barrage of punches on Ricky.

Back in the ring, Homicide hit a superplex. Kerry turned to the tide by biting Homicide on the turnbuckles and landing a flying bulldog. Kerry used the momentum to rally for a jumping knee strike, steamroller, and flying splash. Homicide was dazed but managed to kick out anyway.

Kerry sized up his opponent, lowered his knee pad, and charged for a knee strike. Homicide dodged away and hit a Koji cutter. 1, 2, Kerry kicked out!

Homicide aimed to finish with the Cop Killa. Kerry escaped to grab a waistlock. Homicide blasted a stiff back elbow to the temple. Kerry landed a kick to the midsection. He sent Homicide into the ropes to shoot back for a cutter. 1, 2, 3. Kerry won the match to dethrone Homicide as NWA junior heavyweight champion.

The Morton family legacy is in safe hands with Kerry carrying the torch.

Get full results for Hard Times 3 here. The PPV is available for viewing through Fite TV.

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