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NWA Hard Times 3 PPV live results: 10 title fights, casket match, mask vs. mask, more!

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Saturday night (Nov. 12) is PPV night for the National Wrestling Alliance. Hard Times 3 is headlined by the worlds title fight with Trevor Murdoch defending against Matt Cardona and Tyrus. Kamille looks to continue her reign of dominance as women’s champion in a three-way with KiLynn King and Chelsea Green. The card also includes EC3 in action, an MLW title bout, a casket match, mask versus mask, and much more.

Hard Times 3 airs through Fite TV (here) starting at 8 pm ET. The free pre-show airs at 7 pm ET on the NWA YouTube channel.

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#1 contender for the NWA World Television Championship: Mims defeated Adorable Anthony Andrews. Mims charged into the corner and collided into the turnbuckles when Andrews moved. Adorable lifted Mims for a powerslam, but Mims escaped out the back to counter with a back suplex for victory.

WildKat Sports Tag Team Championship: Bu Ku Dao & J. Spade retained against Sal Rinauro & Gaagz The Gymp. Spade hit a spinning powerbomb on Gaagz. Sal broke the cover. Dao pulled Sal out of the ring. Spade scored a small package, but Gaagz kicked out. Sal rammed Dao into the ring post on the floor. Gaagz connected on a tornado DDT to Spade. Sal held Spade’s feet down to prevent a kick-out, however, the referee caught the cheating red-handed. Sal slapped Gaagz out of frustration. I guess that counted as a legal tag. Dao ran in for a flatliner on Gaagz. Spade secured a backslide on Sal to win.

Hardcore Team War: Anthony Mayweather, JTG, & Pope defeated Jax Dane, Mercurio, & Alex Taylor. Chris Silvio explained that Magic Jake Dumas sprained his ankle and was unable to compete. Silvio personally chose Alex Taylor as the replacement. The bad guys were accompanied by Silvio, Dumas, CJ (Christi Jaynes), and Danny Dealz. Rules for the match were one-on-one in the ring with eliminations via pinfall, submission, or over the top rope. When a teammate is eliminated, the next member steps in.

JTG and Taylor started the match. JTG hit the Razor’s Edge to pin Taylor. Mercurio entered. JTG hit a swinging flatliner. Dane rushed into the ring for a clubbing clothesline with a chain on JTG. No DQ was in effect, so that was legal. Mercurio pinned JTG. Mercurio attacked Mayweather, but I suppose that didn’t count to make Mayweather the official participant for that fall. Pope tossed in a trashcan of plunder to pummel the Italian fashion model. Pope connected on a dropkick to a chair on Mercurio in the tree of woe. Pope pinned Mercurio. Dane wasted no time to enter the ring with a chain clothesline on Pope. Dane pinned Pope. It was down to Dane versus Mayweather as bitter rivals. Mayweather rallied with a spinebuster. Dane escaped a Death Valley Driver to hit a low blow and a chain clothesline. Dane decided to revel in his opponent’s humiliation by waiting for a ten-count to rise rather than go for the pinfall. Mayweather beat the count. He reversed Dane to send him crashing into a chair in the corner. Maywather pounced for a DVD on a chair and sealed the win with a flying elbow drop.

NWA World Television Championship: Jordan Clearwater defeated AJ Cazana to win the title. Tyrus vacated the strap to cash in the Lucky 7 rule for a world title shot. Cazana entered wearing a shoulder brace. Clearwater focused on targeting the injury. Cazana rallied for a belly-to-belly slam, clotheslines, a shoulder tackle chop block, and a spinebuster. Cazana was slow on the cover. Clearwater kicked out. Cazana locked in a knee bar. Clearwater reached the ropes for the break. Clearwater rammed Cazana shoulder-first into the ring post. A running big boot from Clearwater crowned a new champion.

NWA announced their first-ever live episode of Powerrr for January 31, 2023.


Voodoo Queen Casket Match: Max The Impaler defeated Natalia Markova. Father James Mitchell was ringside to interfere in support of Max. Markova fought tough against the warrior of the wasteland, but Max’s power was the key to control. Max hit a hard snapmare on the floor and dragged Markova to the casket on stage. After a body slam on stage, Max stuff Markova into the casket’s top half. Markova kicked the lid to prevent it from shutting. Markova showed spirit to rally for a tornado DDT off the casket onto the stage. When Markova opened the bottom half of the casket, Sal Rinauro was hiding inside to throw voodoo dust in her face. Max slammed Markova on top of the casket then loaded her inside the box of death. Max shut the lid for victory.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Davey Richards retained against Colby Corino. Hard-hitting technical contest. Richards countered a cradle pin into an ankle lock. Corino escaped, so Richards punted him in the face. Richards landed a flying double stomp. 1, 2, Corino kicked out. Richards hit a brainbuster. 1, 2, Corino kicked out. Richards applied the ankle lock in the center of the ring. Corino was forced to tap out in defeat. Afterward, Richards showed respect to his opponent. Corino ditched the handshake to roll out of the ring.

Mask vs. Mask: The Question Mark II with Kratos defeated The Question Mark (Rodney Mack) with Aron Stevens. Stevens requested that Kratos be given the boot due to not possessing a managerial license. Kratos left the area. The exhibition of Mongrovian karate commenced. Question Mark II gained an advantage on a running splash. Stevens created a distraction, so Kratos returned to chase him away. Question Mark II thrust the Mongrovian spike for victory. Stevens returned to argue about fulfilling the stipulation. Question Mark finally removed his mask, but Stevens instantly placed a towel over Question Mark’s head to hide the identity of the man who is obviously Rodney Mack.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Kerry Morton defeated Homicide to win title. Ricky Morton was ringside to support his son. Kerry blitzed a spurt of offense for a flying bulldog, jumping knee strike, steamroller, and flying splash. Homicide refused to stay down for the pinfall. Morton lowered his knee pad for a running strike, but Homicide dodged the attack to hit a Koji cutter. Morton kicked out. The challenger escaped a Cop Killa to rally for a cutter off the ropes to win. New champ.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason defeated Odinson. Odinson was supposed to wrestle Nick Aldis, but the National Treasure was suspended. Kyle Davis referenced the situation but did not name Aldis specifically. Odinson claimed the locker room was scared. Silas came out for a match. During the contest, Silas used Odinson’s special Valhalla spray to pump up. He charged for a corner splash and missed the mark. Odinson ran the ropes for a shoulder tackle, but Silas caught him for a spinning side slam for victory.

NWA United State Tag Team Championship: Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky retained against Rush Freeman & Brady Pierce. Rolando Freeman accompanied the Spectaculars. Bradley catapulted Pierce into Legursky’s ass crack on the turnbuckles as teamwork offense. Rush distracted the referee for Rolando to land a flying axe handle smash and a low blow kick on Bradley. Pierce made the cover. Bradley kicked out. The Spectaculars hit a dancing teamwork side Russian leg sweep. Wrecking Ball tagged in to wreck the Spectaculars. He body slammed Rush onto Pierce’s crotch. Rolando tried to interfere again from the top turnbuckle, but the Fixers double goozled him to slam on the mat. A double chokeslam on Rush finished the bout. Fixers rule!

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Cyon retained against Dak Draper. Austin Idol was ringside for the champ. Cyon worked the arm and shoulder. The Mile High Magnum rallied with a flying dropkick and powerslam. Draper was in too much pain to make a quick cover. When he attempted a gutwrench lift, his arm gave out. Cyon capitalized for a Death Valley Driver to win.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Kenzie Paige & Ella Envy retained against Missa Kate & Madi Wrenkowski. Pretty Empowered isolated Madi. Hot tag to Kate. Kate shoved Kenzie to collide with Madi. Even though that was not Kate’s intention, Madi was not pleased. When Kate reached for a tag, Madi short armed her and stepped off the apron to abandon her partner. Pretty Empowered finished with a teamwork flapjack bulldog to pin Kate.

EC3 defeated Thom Latimer. This was a grudge match for Latimer. EC3 viewed it as a way for Latimer to confront his demons and control his narrative. EC3 demanded Latimer punch him on the chin. Instead, Latimer engaged in a headlock takeover for mind games. EC3 tried to goad Latimer to embrace his inner demons. Latimer resisted and found his groove for offense. EC3 retreated to grab a microphone. He mocked Latimer’s past about alcoholism, resisting arrest, and a limp penis. Latimer didn’t take the bait until EC3 said his wife, Kamille, will never love him. Latimer snapped with punches and a crossface submission. When EC3 reached the ropes, the referee intervened. Latimer chokeslammed the ref in the corner then went back to the crossface. The ref called for the bell. EC3 won via DQ. Latimer finally relented once he realized the situation. Latimer exited in shame at being played by EC3.

NWA World Tag Team Championship: Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf retained against Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx. Hawx Aerie had the hometown advantage. Damián 666 was ringside for La Rebelion. The champs worked over PJ with help from Damián on cheapshots. PJ dodged a double knee strike for the hot tag to his father. Luke ran wild for a double flapjack and shoulderbreaker to powerbomb combo. La Rebelion regained control on PJ for a flying splash neckbreaker. Luke made the save on the cover. Luke hit a neckbreaker and 450 splash on Bestia. A double clothesline between Luke and Mecha Wolf had all four men down on the mat. Hawx Aerie hit a teamwork pop-up powerslam. PJ pinned Bestia. 1, 2, Damián entered the ring to distract the referee. Damián was ejected. Bestia spit mist in PJ’s face for a small package. Kick out. La Rebelion went for their Mark of the Beast finisher. PJ countered out of a powerbomb position to send the champs colliding into each other. Hot tag to Luke. Stunner over the ropes to Bestia and a springboard moonsault. 1, 2, Mecha Wolf misted Luke in the face on the cover. Bestia scored a roll-up to steal the win. Very fun match with the wild misting on false finishes.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Kamille retained in victory over KiLynn King and Chelsea Green. King actually made Kamille tap out to the crossface submission, but Green pulled the referee out of the ring to miss it. King hit her pumphandle driver finisher on Green. Kamille broke the pin. Green hit an Unprettier on King and gloated to the crowd. Green turned around into a spear from Kamille. That move ended the match.

NWA honored Bobby Fulton of the Fantastics. He entered wearing a sparkly vest and bow tie. Fulton is a throat cancer survivor and thanked the NWA for carrying on the historic legacy.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Tyrus defeated Trevor Murdoch and Matt Cardona to become new champion. Murdoch entered as champion, and he didn’t leave with the Ten Pounds of Gold. BLK Jeez was ringside to aid Tyrus. Murdoch hit a flying bulldog finisher early on Tyrus. Cardona was on the outside and made sure to place Tyrus’ foot on the ropes for the break. The next near fall came when Tyrus caught Cardona on a flying crossbody for a slam and running splash. Cardona kicked out, and Chelsea Green ran out to support her man. She created a distraction for Cardona to pounce with a low blow and leg lariat. Tyrus kicked out. Down the stretch, Murdoch got payback on Cardona with a DDT on the floor. Murdoch rolled Cardona into the ring. Tyrus was up again and goozled Murdoch with the Tongan death grip. Chokeslam to Murdoch. 1, 2, 3. Tyrus is the new NWA worlds champ.

The show closed with Tyrus’ crew celebrating in the ring. Tyrus, Cyon, and Clearwater all hold gold in a new era of the NWA.

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