The Nightly: October 4th, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight, we’re switching things up a little bit. Tonight we’ll be taking a look at the March 27th, 2000 episodes of Raw and Nitro, and since Nitro the following week was a clip show, I’ve decided to go ahead and throw in the April 3rd, 2000 episode of Raw as well.

As far as Raw for March 27th went, it was the go home show for Wrestlemania 2000, with a lot of matches being set up, including Head Cheese vs. T&A, Godfather and D’Lo vs. Bull/Boss Man, and Terri/Kat. We also saw the beginning of a change in Edge and Christian, where they were acting slightly heelish here. Main event was Rock and Vince vs. Shane and Big Show, with Triple H and Mick Foley pulling a SmackDown 2: Know Your Role and acting as two separate referees in the same match.

Raw for April 3rd, 2000 was the fallout from Wrestlemania, which saw Chyna betray Jericho and join up with Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. Crash Holly would also regain the Hardcore title from Hardcore Holly with help from the APA. Big Show would also undergo a character change, having been influenced by his guest spot on Saturday Night Live, and being in Hollywood all weekend for Wrestlemania, he has decided to be entertaining rather than just be a monster. Overall, this episode was pretty good aside from the explanation (or lack thereof) of the McMahons all being buddy buddy again. It was an improvement from the last few episodes of Raw.

As far as Nitro goes, it was a Spring Break episode. Hogan somehow spotted The Wall from a million miles away, as The Wall is going after a 500,000 bounty on Hogan that was set up by Sid. We also saw a literal Bash At The Beach where Vampiro and Sting teamed up to take on Ric Flair and Lex Luger, with Sting and Lex Luger brawling on the beach, and because of that, this was genuinely entertaining. I just wish Sid had been on the show to deliver this promo:

On to the Nightly.

I didn't think that there was anything on the face of the earth that would ever push me to do what I'm going to do right now, but Hogan, you have pushed me as far as you're going to push! Right here, is $500,000, and it goes to any human being, that can eliminate Hulk Hogan from wrestling! Take a look at it! Jeff Jarrett, you and your entourage! Lex Luger!!.....VAMPIRO! The names, the list, it goes on and on! ANY HUMAN BEING that can eliminate Hogan for me has got $500,000 cash! I'll give it to any living human being! Kevin Nash! You were WCW champion! YOU TOOK THE BELT FROM ME! You're the man, you can do it! It’s here for ya! Come and get it, please! SOMEBODY TAKE THE DAMN MONEY! I WANT RID OF HOGAN!

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