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NWA reveals new US tag team title belts inspired by the Sheik, but champions decline exchange

Billy Corgan introduced a new design for the NWA United States Tag Team Championship, and it’s a beauty.

Corgan debuted the belt on the latest episode of NWA USA (S4E8). Unfortunately, NWA has not yet posted a proper close-up for us to admire the craftsmanship. This was the best I could screenshot.


Corgan explained that he views himself as the custodian of NWA history. When he recently reintroduced the NWA United States Tag Team Championship, the current design was supposed to be a temporary placeholder for the new gold inspired by the Sheik belt from Detroit.


One problem though.

The current NWA United States tag team champions are The Fixers duo of Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky, and they are very fond of the red, white, and blue design.

Last Word on Sports

Legursky was present for the new title belt ceremony. When Corgan tried to make an official exchange, Legursky declined. For context, Wrecking Ball is a dimwitted character, and he didn’t seem to understand the situation. Despite Corgan explaining The Fixers would still be champions, Legursky wouldn’t budge on handing over the current belt. That brings into question what will happen with the beautiful new title.

Watch the full scene from NWA USA starting at the 36:35 mark. It was supposed to be a comedy segment, but mileage will vary on whether you actually laugh.

What do you think of the new NWA United States Tag Team Championship belt? Which NWA United States Tag Team Championship design do you prefer?

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