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AAA Roundup: Pentagon loses tooth, Fenix wants mask vs. hair, Marvel series trailer, more!

AAA is coming down from the high of Triplemania XXX Chapter 3 in Mexico City last weekend. The Lucha Bros starred in the marquee attractions. Pentagon Jr. survived the Ruleta de la Muerte tournament to win the mask of Villano IV in the main event. Fenix was bested by hotshot Hijo del Vikingo in a battle of high-flyers for the Megacampeonato. Penta and Fenix reflected on their performances with interesting ideas for the future.

Pentagon Jr. spoke with respect for the legacy of Villano IV in an interview with Más Lucha. It was the fight of his career costing him blood, sweat, and tears. Villano IV’s mask represents years of legend and tradition. Pentagon was grateful for the opportunity and offered to be the opponent for Villano IV’s last match. Penta was also missing a tooth. It’s not clear if that happened during the fight or if it was previous dental work.

Villano IV interviewed with Más Lucha as well. He felt naked without his mask. Losing the mask is losing part of his life. Villano IV has been in that mask for 42 years. That piece of fabric represented youth, force, love, affection, respect, and dignity. Villano IV knows the end of his career is near. He has dates through early January, then he’ll decide on retirement.

Also with Más Lucha, Fenix discussed his feelings on losing to Hijo del Vikingo. Despite defeat, the crowd reaction was the best prize a luchador can receive. Fenix views failure as his best win. It forces him to get up and learn from the experience to come back better. Lucha libre changed Fenix’s life. For that reason, he is ready to put his mask on the line against Vikingo’s hair to prove he is better. This might be Fenix’s best promo of his career. Even though it is in Spanish, the emotion can be felt in any language.

Speaking of Hijo del Vikingo, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reported that the luchador secured a work visa to wrestle in the USA. Vikingo expects to participate on the card when AAA visits Tempe, AZ on December 3. That could open the (forbidden) door for Vikingo to work with promotions friendly with AAA, which includes AEW, Impact, and MLW. Vikingo previously appeared in Impact and MLW when the content was filmed in Mexico.

If you missed the news, Disney+ announced a AAA Marvel show coming in December. The full trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure. The concept revolves around luchadores inspired by Marvel characters. The clip introduces the primary characters with a story about a secret weapon for destruction.

We can’t leave the AAA Roundup without a match. This recent three-way between Hijo del Vikingo, Taurus, and Laredo Kid is regarded as a lucha libre match of the year contender. Crazy moves were aplenty with a frenzied finish.

Vikingo secured the win in the end via 630 senton on Taurus.

Would you be interested in rematches for Pentagon Jr. versus Villano IV and Fenix versus Hijo del Vikingo?

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