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CMLL Roundup: Tag team partners collide in women’s universal championship tournament final, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

CMLL crowned the Campeona Universal de Amazonas. The women’s universal championship is a ceremonial title for the best of the best rather than a belt to be defended on the regular. Dalys was the inaugural winner in 2019. La Jarochita won the honor in 2021, and she worked her way back to the final to defend her crown this year. In a story twist, Jarochita faced ally Lluvia in the bout. Jarochita and Lluvia are current tag team titlists holding the Mexican National Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Lluvia won the first phase torneo cibernetico qualifier (highlights) against Marcela, Vaquerita, La Guerrera, Nautica, Amapola, Stephanie Vaquer, Dark Silueta, Avispa Dorada, and Hera. Lluvia made a huge comeback outnumbered 3-to-1 to eliminate Hera, Marcela, and Vaquer for victory. That was one of the more interesting torneo cibernetico finishes I’ve seen.

La Jarochita won the second phase torneo cibernetico qualifier (highlights) against Princesa Sugehit, La Magnifica, Sexy Sol, Dalys, Reyna Isis, La Metalica, Tiffany, Valkiria, Seductora, and Olympia. Jarochita outdueled Dalys to win in the end.

That brings us to the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas finale on Friday night (Oct. 21). The fight turned into a submission battle. The action spilled outside for a headscissors off the apron from Lluvia. The luchadora followed for a running senton off the apron, but she crashed to the floor when Jarochita dodged. Back in the ring, intense fisticuffs were exchanged. Jarochita had victory in her grasp, however, she missed the target on a moonsault. Lluvia pounced for a running dropkick then finished with a package piledriver to win. Lluvia earned the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas. Jarochita placed the title around Lluvia’s waist and hugged her teammate.

Enjoy the highlights of the tournament finale.

CMLL’s next marquee event is the Grand Prix de Amazonas on October 28. National pride will be high as a team of Mexican luchadoras compete against a team from the rest of the world in a torneo cibernetico. Team Mexico will be represented by Faby Apache, Dalys, La Jarochita, Reyna Isis, Lluvia, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, and Amapola. The international team will be represented by Ivelisse, Lady Frost, Stephanie Vaquer, Tae Honma, Hikari Shimizu, Alex Gracia, Mei Suruga, and Avispa Dorada. The show is available for live viewing through Ticketmaster.

Dipping back to the CMLL Night of Champions show, there was only one title change. Hechicero, Euforia, & Mephisto won the CMLL World Trios Championship from Sagrado, Gemelo Diablo I, & Gemelo Diablo II. Los Infernales sealed the deal with a double submission.

Check out the highlights to see a cool teamwork monkey flip splash from Los Gemelos Diablos.

In other results from Night of Champions, Mistico retained (highlights) the NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship against Rugido. Titan retained (highlights) the CMLL World Welterweight Championship against Suicida. Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja retained the CMLL World Tag Team Championship against Dulce Gardenia & Espiritu Negro. Lluvia & Jarochita retained the Mexican National Women’s Tag Team Championship against Dark Silueta & Amapola. Mercurio retained the CMLL World Mini-Estrella Championship against Pierrothito.

Also of note, opportunity knocked for Sagrado. After losing the trios titles, he rebounded to win the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship from Terrible.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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