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IWGP Women’s title belt unveiled

We’re less than a month away from Historic X-Over, the first ever co-promoted and produced PPV from New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Stardom. That Nov. 20 event is where the two Bushiroad-owned companies will crown the first ever IWGP Women’s champion.

So it’s probably a good time to show us what that title will look like! We’ve seen the general design, but not the belt itself. At Stardom’s show today (Oct. 22) in Korakuen Hall, founder & CEO Rossy Ogawa showed off the finished product...

Here’s a still Ogawa tweeted:

It’s a dainty thing, but has a classic design that’s hard not to like.

Elsewhere on Saturday’s card, the two Stardom quarterfinals took place in the tournament to determine who will be the inaugural IWGP Women’s champ. In those, Mayu Iwatani defeated Momo Watanabe and Utami Hayashishita beat Himeka.

The semis take place on Sunday’s Goddesses of Stardom Tag League Night One card. Those pit Iwatani against Hayashishita, while former WWE talents KAIRI & Jazzy Gabert battle it out in the international bracket.

Make your picks, and weigh in on the new belt below!

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