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Ric Flair’s next match might be against (checks notes) Joe Rogan

UFC 249 Spann v Alvey Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

On a recent episode of his very popular podcast, oft-controversial comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan spoke with legendary music producer and pro wrestling superfan Rick Rubin.

During the course of their conversation, the Figure-four Leglock came up. Rogan praised the man most famous for using the hold, Ric Flair, as a consummate showman. But the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt is not a fan of the Figure-four:

“A bunch of [pro] wrestlers got mad at me... I was trying to explain how dumb a Figure-four Leglock was. Because I was like, ‘He’s literally giving up an inside heel hook.’

“Inside heel hook is one of the most devastating submission techniques, cause once someone gets it the time you have to tap is so small before your knee gets ripped apart. And so, a Figure-four Leglock you’ll never see in a jiu-jitsu competition. It doesn’t work. So as someone’s setting up a Figure-four, you’re literally giving up an inside heel hock. It’s kinda funny, in that regard, that, you know, you are doing this thing but this thing in the real world is the worst thing you do. But in pro wrestling it’s like ‘OH HE’S GOT THE FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK!’ and the crowd’s going wild.”

Rubin & Rogan laugh, because it was just a funny aside in a long conversation. But Flair heard about it, and...

Again, Rogan didn’t call anybody out. But The Joe Rogan Experience is extremely popular, and a worker like the Nature Boy isn’t gonna let an opportunity for some self-promotion go to waste. And hey, between his past use of racial slurs, COVID takes and occasionally giving the microphone to some far right figures & pundits, there are lots of folks who’d like to see Joe writhing in pain if Flair can back up his call out.

Anyone out there want to see Ric Flair’s next last match be against Joe Rogan with a “must win by submission” stipulation?

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