Confessions of an Angel: Wrestling Is The Best & Worst It's Ever Been

Sometimes ole Angel has some thoughts to himself, and recently I was wondering why do I feel so damn miserable watching anything in the pro wrestling realm these days.

The Attitude and RA eras rightfully get a lot of flack for their content, but there's a reason we kept watching during that time.

Conflict. From 1996 through 2005 you could pinpoint what feud you wanted and internally believe, wow those guys hated each other.

And why do we watch during this current era? The best athletes we've ever seen have decided to craft wrestling into their talent.

So how do you take these two promising traits and merge them together? Well, it ain't what WWE or AEW are doing. The shows are a mess. The crowd has become the catalyst to who needs to win... that can never happen. I'm not saying we need a Russo/Ferrara reboot.. good God no. But I think people need to slow down. Remember why wrestling is great and why who wins MATTERS. Tables, ladders, thumb tacs, chairs.. they are less impactful than ever.

My thought is this, let's get back into the ring. Let's enforce the rules.. get back to basics. Wrestling live is the absolute best it's ever been... but even so you can sacrifice a few spots for a decent story.

The talent is there. But someone has to take control. It doesn't take much to tell a great story, take it from Hall:


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