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Jake Atlas offers an update on his injury after Rampage debut

As AEW was taping Rampage in Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center on Wednesday night (Jan. 5), reports began to hit the web about an injury in its opening match.

Since the injured wrestler was Jake Atlas, who’d just signed with company after being cut by WWE and taking a mental health break, and likely because many fans had just witnessed Rey Fenix get hurt in a particularly gnarly-looking spot toward the end of Dynamite’s live broadcast — concern was even more heightened than it probably normally would have been.

You never can tell with a knee injury, but when Atlas’ match with Adam Cole aired last night (Jan. 7), it didn’t look terrible...

... and a short time later, Jake tweeted an update that also sounded promising:

If Atlas’ issue does turn out to be a sprain he can rest and quickly bounce back from as opposed to a surgery-requiring tear, that would be great. It would also be the second bit of surprisingly good news from Wednesday night’s injury scares.

Fingers crossed.

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