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ROH documentary on women’s tournament captures emotional journey

Fans of women’s wrestling need to check out the ROH documentary This is Women’s Wrestling! It profiles the return of the women’s division to ROH for the ROH Women’s Championship tournament. Competitors share personal stories to capture the emotional journey along the way.

Maria Kanellis oversaw the tournament as a member of the ROH board of directors. That wasn’t just a fake job. She actually put in the work to ensure the wrestlers had a platform to succeed.

Maria explained her thought process to continuing her career through the COVID pandemic:

Maria Kanellis: And of course, my initial thought was Ring of Honor. My initial thought was where is the women’s division, and how can we make this happen. And it just so happened that Ring of Honor believed the same thing. They had the same thought about me and about the women’s division. To use the talent that was already here to build something new. To go back to what it means to be Ring of Honor. That’s to be the best, the best wrestlers in the world.

She continued:

Maria: My job is not to say who I think people should be watching out for. My job is to give a platform, and then, for those girls, take the opportunity to really shine out there, to prove what they’ve got.

Numerous personal stories were shared that may bring a tear to your eye. Focusing on the tournament finalists, Miranda Alize spoke about how wrestling has taken her away from the streets.

Mirande Alize: A lot of women in this tournament are fighting for one thing and one thing only. And that’s a championship. Now, I’m fighting for the championship, as anybody else, but I’m fighting for so much more than that. I’m fighting from coming up without a father, around the streets, around drugs, around alcohol. I’m fighting to get away from all of that. Wrestling brought me away from that, and I will continue to fight not only for myself but for other girls that struggle like me.

Rok-C discussed how wrestling affected the relationship with her mother.

Rok-C: Since I was ten year old, my mom has always been so supportive since the first time I told her that I wanted to become a professional wrestler. We do kind of butt heads every now and then. It came to a point where a very big argument came. I ended up getting kicked out of my house. That was tough.

Then there was a day, I was sitting in the car with my boyfriend and I got a call from Ring of Honor. And me and my boyfriend were celebrating. And I said, “I’m going to call my mom” And then I stopped and realized that I could not. And although I was extremely nervous, I did it. In her voice, it just sounded like she was just so happy that she heard from me. I told her about Ring of Honor, and we both cried. And after that, our relationship has been so much better than it was before.

I love my mom so much. She has done everything in her power to make sure that my dreams come true. That’s one of the biggest reasons that I am here right now.

Alex Gracia, Allysin Kay, Chelsea Green, Holidead, Marti Belle, Mazzerati, Nicole Savoy, Quinn McKay, Sumie Sakai, Trish Adora, and Willow Nightingale also provided candid comments. Danhausen and the Briscoes made cameos to put over the talent of the wrestlers.

The first half of the documentary was driven by background stories. The second half focused more on stories and reactions as the tournament advanced with highlights down to the finale. All of these women have the talent to rise to TV in WWE, AEW, and Impact or continuing with ROH. This program offers the opportunity to develop a deep connection for fans relating to each performer as they rise through the ranks over time.

The ROH documentary is available for free viewing on YouTube.

Which stories resonated with you most? Did any wrestlers earn your support as a new fan?

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