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Mustafa Ali updates his WWE status ahead of Royal Rumble

Mustafa Ali publicly requested WWE release him from his contract on Jan. 16. A few days later, we heard the company wouldn’t honor that request. Based on the fact it’s been almost two weeks without any update, at this point we can safely assume those reports were accurate.

So as we get ready for Royal Rumble tonight (Jan. 29) in St. Louis, you may be wondering where things stand between Ali and WWE. He was kind enough to provide us with this update:

Rumor has it WWE is lining up as much talent as they for the Rumble matches, both as surprise entrants and as alternates in case folks are unavailable for any reason (like COVID). They booked Mickie James despite the public relations mess that followed her release last spring, and are said to have reached out to others who were let go in the name of budget cuts over the past year. It wouldn’t be shocking to learn someone really did ask Ali if he could work tonight.

If they did, we know his answer.


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