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Dou lightning drop twice?

A young and talented woman of Celtic extraction, signed by WWE and inexplicably used in a comedy role only to persevere through to a push and a chance under the bright lights.

Becky Lynch herself brought up the similarity between her own career and Doudrop’s, and it instantly became a lightning rod that turned a kind of blasé build for a title match that clearly was just treading water on the way to a real challenge for Big Time Becks at WrestleMania, into something that suddenly had some stakes and intrigue to it.

Doudrop was no longer a random challenger, but someone who has been forged in the same crucible as the Man, a worthy contender, a challenger who might have an offside chance of winning the title, if you squint and the stars are right.

But of course it’s not really that simple, and we have to acknowledge the significant differences in their careers, here.

Young Rebecca Knox took the indie wrestling world by storm back in 2006, with tour de force performances in Japan and in a nascent Shimmer still finding its feet as THE destination for women’s wrestling on the US indies, before a cranial nerve injury sidelined her, seemingly for good.

Then, when she made her miraculous recovery and signed with WWE in 2013, yes, she was initially dressed all in green and doing jigs as a caricature of an Irish lass, but that only lasted a matter of weeks and was on Hulu-streaming-era NXT, a niche product loved by almost everyone who watched (and yours truly was one of ‘em!) but largely unknown to the general populace, and by the time Becky made her main roster debut, it was deep in her rear view mirror.

And yes, she struggled to gain traction as a white meat babyface before embracing her destiny as the Lasskicker and the Man, but it’s a long way from Doudrop’s story.

Viper was long a powerhouse on the UK indie scene, a welcome name on any card she appeared on, and that continued when she got rebranded as Piper Niven and signed full-time to NXT UK, trucking along in much the same way as she had her entire indie career.

And then, Eva Marie happened.

As Eva’s put-upon second and renamed Doudrop, Piper found herself the butt of the joke week in and week out. It didn’t last long, only a few months, but there’s our key difference— Doudrop’s humiliation is fresh in her memory and watched by over a million people every week, stoking the fires for her challenge to Big Time Becks.

But can she use that fury to unseat Becky Lynch?

It’s unlikely.

Since returning at SummerSlam last year, Becky Lynch has gone 5-1-1 in televised singles matches, with her only loss coming from long-time rival Sasha Banks, a woman who Becky has only ever managed to defeat once in her career. Doudrop, by comparison, had a losing record in singles in 2021, going 7-9 overall.

But what matters is that fire is under her, and if she can keep it lit after tomorrow, the sky’s the limit.

Can Doudrop unseat The Man or will Big Time Becks drop her where she stands?


Who will win?

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