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The greatest piece of merch in the history of our sport

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Everyone’s enjoyment of things is subjective, so I won’t tell you you’re wrong if you’re not digging Brock Lesnar’s development from menacing badass heel to somewhat-goofy-but-still-menacing badass babyface. I’ll just say you and I probably don’t like a lot of the same stuff.

Which is good, because it means there’s one less person trying to get one of these bad boys in XL...

WWE Shop

That right there is not only a beautiful blue-and-black flannel shirt, it also has a demon skull on the back. It would be a bargain at any price, even if it wasn’t as perfect a representation of a wrestler as there’s ever been in the history of merchandise.

Not sold yet? What if I told you it also had Brock’s “Beast Incarnate” logo on the front chest pocket?

WWE Shop

But don’t take my word for it. Let the fine folks at WWE Shop close the deal:

No Brock Lesnar outfit is complete without this “Beast” Flannel shirt. Show everyone you’re the Beast Incarnate with this official flannel shirt!

Get yours here, if you want to look great at your next kayfabe weigh-in. Just make sure you’re not scheduled to fight me, because it would be awkward if we both showed up in the same shirt.

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