The Nightly: January 24th, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

WWF Raw Is War/War Zone: February 16th, 1998:

The Quebecers vs. Legion Of Doom:

New Age Outlaws would come out with a dumpster to raise hell.

Ken Shamrock vs. Sniper:

Truth Commission would essentially split up here.

Rock N Roll Express vs. Headbangers for the NWA World Tag Team Championships:

Special guest referee Tommy Young would pull a Bull Watts and DQ the Headbangers for throwing one of the Express over the top rope.

Taka Michinoku and Aguila vs. Brian Christopher and Pirata Morgan:

Solid match.

Owen Hart vs. Jeff Jarrett:

Decent match.

Steve Blackman vs. Faarooq:

Before this match, The Rock gave Kama, Henry, and D’Lo $15,000 Rolex watches, while Faarooq got a portrait of the best damn Intercontinental champion there ever was.

Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs. Marc Mero and Goldust:

Sable would cost the heel team the victory.

Overall, this was a decent episode of Raw as we begin the road to Wrestlemania XIV.

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