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Pat McAfee can even make one of those weird words WWE fixates on entertaining


Any corporation with a marketing department will fall in love with an odd word or phrase from time to time and run it into the ground. At WWE, that tendency is amplified by having a CEO who is very particular about how the business is talked about.

Just ask your favorite Superstar about their Championship Opportunity at the next Premium Live Event.

Honestly, I’m not sure if the decision to label WrestleMania 38 “the most STUPENDOUS two nights in history” is ad-speak or a Vince McMahon-ism (or both). But I immediately thought it was pretty silly.

Then Pat McAfee, the best color commentator WWE’s had in a long time and one of the best hype people in pro wrestling... sorry, in sports entertainment... did this:

That is, dare I say it, STUPENDOUS! And I can say that, because Pat Mac and the Webster’s dictionary taught me what STUPENDOUS means.

Michael Cole — a man who’s probably been tasked with saying more awkward $#!+ than anyone else is human history — breaking might be my favorite part of that video.

Please bring the Farmer’s Almanac next Friday, Pat.

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