The Nightly: January 18th, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

WWF Raw Is War/War Zone: February 2nd, 1998:

Chainsaw Charlie vs. Cactus Jack:

Fun brawl that ended in the New Age Outlaws pushing them in a dumpster off the stage. It was treated as a big deal, with them trying to break kayfabe, it was a fascinating angle at the time.

Owen Hart vs. Billy Gunn for the WWF European Championship:

Decent match.

Marc Mero vs. Mosh:

Alright match.

Bradshaw and Flash Funk vs. Barry Windham and Jeff Jarrett:

This NWA stuff just needs to end.

Chainz vs. Faarooq:

Rock would get Faarooq intentionally (?) counted out.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Road Dogg:

DX would ruin this match, before Chainsaw Charlie in a hospital gown and Cactus Jack with an IV would make the save.

Overall, this was a fun Raw. The build up to Austin/Michaels is great, and the Outlaws/Cactus/Chainsaw angle was compelling TV.

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