The Nightly: January 17th, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

WWF Raw Is War/War Zone: January 26, 1998:

Ken Shamrock vs. Mark Henry:

Match would end in a Nation/DOA brawl.

Jeff Jarrett and Barry Windham vs. Legion Of Doom:

Alright match.

Vader vs. The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust:

Decent match.

New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie:

Pretty good match.

Pantera vs. Brian Christopher:

Jerry Lawler would attack Pantera after Pantera beat Lawler’s son protege.

Headbangers vs. Quebecers:

Dull match.

Owen Hart vs. The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust for the WWF European Championship:

Sgt. Slaughter would award the title to Owen after he beat Goldust who was dressed as Triple H. This reverse Dusty Finish doesn’t make any sense.

WCW Monday Nitro: January 26th, 1998:

Ultimo Dragon vs. El Dandy:

Ultimo Dragon certainly did not doubt El Dandy.

Goldberg vs. Brad Armstrong:

Armstrong would get the jump on Goldberg, but Goldberg would still squash him.

Konnan vs. Jerry Flynn:

Alright match.

Buff Bagwell vs. Rick Steiner:

Scott would essentially cost Rick the match.

Jim Neidhart vs. Wayne Bloom:

Decent squash match.

Raven vs. Mortis:

Really good match.

Booker T vs. Saturn for the WCW World Television Championship:

Solid match.

British Bulldog vs. Steve McMichael:

This was Bulldog’s return to WCW, but the finish was absolutely catastrophic.

Psychosis vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.:

Decent match.

Louie Spiccoli vs. Juventud Guerrera:

Macho Man would arrive and wreak havoc.

Kevin Nash vs. Ray Traylor:

This was more of a match than an angle. JJ Dillon had banned powerbombs in WCW due to Souled Out 1998 with Nash and Giant, but Nash powerbombed Traylor anyway and got arrested.

Scott Hall vs. Lex Luger:

Match would end with an NWO run in.

Overall, Raw was the better show. Nitro wasn’t bad by any means, but this was the first Nitro to be permanently (at least for the time being) three hours long, and that absolutely impacts the show, no matter how good or bad the show itself was.

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