Proof WWE didn't do Kofi Wrong and why Brock Lesnar will always be the right choice

I would like to offer this match from Beast in the East 2015 as evidence that WWE and Brock Lesnar did not do Kofi Kingston wrong:

Lesnar destroys New Day

Kofi is a great talent, but the sheer size difference and athelticism of Lesnar would absolutely outmatch Kofi Kingston in any universe anywhere. Lesnar literally looks huge in comparison to Kofi and carries him around like a child. Despite it being a choreographed universe Kofi is not in the same league as Brock Lesnar.

Even the end of the match when Xavier and Big E hit the ring Brock destroys Woods and easily lifts Big E up for the F-5.

Brock Lesnar looks the part, lives the part and at the end of the day is the most believable UNIVERSAL Champion has still to this day.

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