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MLW Roundup: Konnan’s crew becomes double tag champs, short films for Jacob Fatu & Richard Holliday, more!

Time to dive back into the world of MLW for a slew of recent news from the promotion that never sleeps.

We’ll kick off with Konnan’s 5150 crew becoming double champs. Danny Rivera (aka Danny Limelight) and Slice Boogie had previously won the MLW tag titles from Los Parks. 5150 then traveled to Puerto Rico to win the IWA Tag Team Championship.

Don’t sleep on 5150. They have quickly become one of most entertaining acts in MLW. Rivera and Boogie are aces in the ring, and the promos are buckwild.

MLW debuted a new short series, Decoded. First up was Jacob Fatu. The video provided an interesting glimpse of the Samoan Werewolf’s humble side now that Contra has disintegrated. Fatu dropped a neat little nugget that his father and uncle (brothers) married a pair of sisters to have a lot of Samoan wrestler babies.

We all know that Richard Holliday is a marketing genius. He already developed his own coffee brand for purchase, Rarefied Air. With changing times, that means Holliday needs to evolve. In a short film from the AirPod God, he decided to ditch his signature AirPods.

MLW re-signed Davey Richards and Mads Krugger to multi-year deals. The move for Krugger was precipitated by matchmaker Cesar Duran, despite objections from league officials. Trust remains broken due to Krugger’s role in Contra Unit’s hostile takeover. When Contra apparently dissolved after losing the War Chamber to Alexander Hammerstone’s team, Duran seized on the opportunity to sign the free agent. There is little doubt that Duran has sinister motives in the move. A man the size of Krugger can be very useful in enacting violent persuasion.

Krugger’s next assignment is no easy task. He will be going toe-to-toe with former Contra mate Jacob Fatu. The two behemoths exchanged fisticuffs in the aftermath of the War Chamber defeat. Now, they will settle the score at Blood & Thunder in Dallas, TX on January 21.

Other matches announced for Blood & Thunder include:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship in Falls Count Anywhere: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Pagano
  • MLW World Tag Team Championship in Texas Tornado Match: 5150 (Danny Rivera & Slice Boogie) (c) vs. Von Erichs
  • MLW World Middleweight Championship: Tajiri (c) vs. Myron Reed vs. ???
  • MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) vs. Calvin Tankman
  • Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger
  • Davey Richards vs. ACH
  • Rok-C vs. Miranda Gordy
  • TJP vs. Matt Cross
  • EJ Nduka open contract
  • Aramis, El Dragon, & mystery luchador vs. Arez, Gino Medina, & Mini Abismo Negro
  • Mister Saint Laurent with a surprise wrestler dubbed as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world
  • Other wrestlers in action include Saito Bros, Ho Ho Lun, Richard Holliday, KC Navarro, Savio Vega, Ikuro Kwon, and more

Blood & Thunder tickets are available here.

After Blood & Thunder, MLW’s next live event will be Superfight in Charlotte, NC at the Grady Cole Center on February 26. Tickets are currently available here to witness three title fights, major debuts, major returns, and major legends.

MLW opened the new year with a new mini-series for MLW Azteca. The stories follow the misadventures of the MLW roster under the watch of Cesar Duran. The show was filmed in Tijuana and features a nice mix of lucha libre talent from Mexico. Episodes 1 and 2 are currently available on MLW’s YouTube channel.

If you ever wanted to jump on the MLW train, now is as good a time as any, especially if you enjoyed Lucha Underground. Let’s boogie through quick results of the final two episodes of MLW Fusion ALPHA leading into MLW Azteca to get up to speed.

MLW Fusion Alpha episode #12 (here) results:

  • Arez defeated Aramis to win a briefcase full of cash, courtesy of Cesar Duran. Arez was flanked by Holidead and Dr. Dax. They caused a distraction for Arez to win via leg trap driver.
  • Willow Nightingale aims to elevate MLW’s women’s division. Since Holidead keeps picking on her, it is time to bring the fight to the dark side.
  • Emilio Sparks conducted a confrontational interview with Myron Reed bringing up questions about the downward turn of his career. Lights out, then Karlee Perez appeared. She offered Reed a lifeline.
  • Alexander Hammerstone was attacked by Matanza Duran (aka Jeff Cobb). They brawled backstage through various segments. Later, Richard Holliday chatted with Alicia Atout to gift her a Dynastic coffee mug. Hammerstone and Matanza rumbled onto the scene with Hammer shattering the mug on Matanza’s head.
  • NZO defeated Matt Cross. NZO talked a big game as a tough guy, then he resorted to trickery for victory. NZO was beaten and bloody. He grabbed the ring apron as Cross dragged him into the ring. While the referee tried to restore order, NZO kicked Cross in the cojones. NZO earned the W with an inverted stomp facebreaker. Afterward, NZO attacked KC Navarro with a Razor’s Edge into the ring post. NZO was annoyed that Navarro eyed him.
  • 5150 defeated Los Parks to win the MLW tag titles in a Philly street fight. Papa LA Park was absent to start the bout. His sons represented in the match. LA Park did twin magic with LA Park Jr. to spear Danny Rivera. Homicide ran out to pound on LA Park and brawl to the back. In the end, Slice Boogie speared Hijo de LA Park through a table. 5150 finished LA Park Jr. on a teamwork flying stomp DVD to become new champs.
  • Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas pulled up in a motor carriage. Calvin Tankman attacked, so they sped from the scene.

Season finale MLW Fusion Alpha episode #13 (here) results:

  • Konnan and 5150 celebrated their tag title win. 5150 was hungrier and did what they had to do. Bring them the best challengers. Time to pop Hennessy, hit the clubs, spread love, then get back to work.
  • Calvin Tankman was arrested for the assault on Alex Kane. Later, Kane held a press conference discussing why they pressed charges. As Tankman is sitting in his jail cell, all he will hear is Bomaye as Kane builds his empire. In the next segment, Tankman responded by phone. Tankman plans to put hands on Kane in the ring once he is released.
  • Holidead defeated Willow Nightingale. Holidead had Dr. Dax by her side, so Willow brought out Blue Meanie to even the playing field. The match broke down with Willow and Meanie hitting tandem offense and dancing. Arez came out of nowhere for a flying dropkick to Meanie. Holidead capitalized on the confusion for a double underhook driver.
  • Cesar Duran’s phone call was interrupted by 5150 partying. Duran erupted, “Stop! I think you should pour one out for El Jefe.” Drinks were shared. Duran is bringing in the right people to challenge 5150. They better not disappoint.
  • The Von Erichs were chomping at the bit for their tag championship contract in Dallas. It has been 40 years since the Von Erich family has fought for a title in Dallas. Time to get jacked and shut up 5150.
  • LA Park defeated Homicide in a slugfest. Park survived a cutter to hit a spear for the win.
  • Background life story hype video for EJ Nduka. The Judge is smart and savage.
  • Tribute video for MLW cameraman Charlie Bruzzese with stories from ECW. Cool look at the production aspect.
  • Tajiri retained the MLW World Middleweight Championship against Atsuki Aoyagi from a ring in Japan. Competitive contest finished by a piledriver and buzzsaw kick.
  • Richard Holliday approached Duran about NFTs. Of note, lover boy was sitting next to Alicia Atout. Duran requested that Holliday’s lawyer/father send the info to his business associate, Budd Heavy. Gnarls Garvin was next in line offering to fight for no money. Duran appreciated the ambition and will offer future opportunities. Last was Alexander Hammerstone. He grabbed Duran by the jacket. Sending Matanza after him was the wrong move. If Duran double crosses Hammerman again, it is not going to work out well for El Jefe.

For the final piece of news in the MLW Roundup, Tajiri has a busy schedule ahead of him. If the Japanese Buzzsaw can keep the MLW middleweight strap at Blood & Thunder against Myron Reed and a mystery opponent, he will then travel to defend the title in the UK against Jody Fleisch. MLW will have cameras on site recording the action.



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