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Gabe Sapolsky shares memory of booking Bob Saget/Jon Moxley confrontation

That Dragon Gate USA moment, and several other times the beloved comedian checked in with the world of wrestling, resurfaced after Saget’s shocking death.

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Beloved comedian Bob Saget — who a lot of folks knew as Danny Tanner on Full House or the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but who was also a hilariously profane stand-up comic — died yesterday (Jan. 9). He was 65.

The sudden, tragic loss was yet another reminder to take not anything for granted. That’s something Saget never seemed to do. The Philadelphia native didn’t hesitate to dive into anything, whether it was directing movies or stepping into an independent wrestling ring.

Yes, Bob was another celebrity with an interest in our weird, wonderful pastime. He once recorded a bit as the commissioner of Chikara...

...and filmed a Dragon Gate USA angle for his short-lived 2010 A&E reality show, Strange Days. That bit featured none other than future WWE & AEW World champion Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley...

Former Ring of Honor booker, Evolve head honcho, and NXT creative team member Gabe Sapolsky was running Dragon Gate USA at the time, and when a portion of that clip started making the rounds after news of Saget’s death hit the web, Sapolsky tweeted about how it came together:

“I’ll return to Twitter for a moment to comment on this. I booked this angle with Bob Saget, Jon Moxley, YAMATO and BxB Hulk thinking it would be a big break for DGUSA. We’d get all these characters over on Strange Days With Bob Saget.

“Unfortunately, the show never gained any traction. In fact, it was cut from an hour episode to 30 minutes. However, looking back it is crazy and cool that this happened.

“I also got the advice Bob gave us that he learned from Rodney Dangerfield about trying to make it... ‘Be like a tank.’ I’ve repeated it many times over the years, especially during my hardest times. Thank you, Bob Saget. #RIPBobSaget

Saget explained the advice from his mentor Rodney Dangerfield in his 2014 memoir, Dirty Daddy:

Sound advice for pro wrestlers, and all of us.

Thanks for everything, Commissioner Saget. Say hi to Roddy for us.

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