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Rick Boogs reveals why Shinsuke Nakamura hasn’t wrestled much lately

By the time this week’s SmackDown rolls around, Shinsuke Nakamura’s second Intercontinental title reign will have entered its fifth month. But Nak hasn’t defended the title since WWE’s tour of the United Kingdom in early November, and he’s only worked a handful of tag matches since his Survivor Series Kickoff match against United States champion Damian Priest ended in a disqualification win.

What gives? During his appearance on Fox Sports’ Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Nakamura’s tag partner Rick Boogs had the scoop.

Speaking about the potential of the Nak/BOOGS teams and his breaking out as a singles act, Rick said:

“I think it’s inevitable that it’s gonna happen. I’m not looking to like rush it by any means because I feel like me and Shin have not even scratched the surface yet of what we can do together, combining our forces.

“We’re just getting cooking here. We’ve only had a couple of tag matches together. And he suffered a hand injury that’s kept him out for close to two months now it seems like. So, I’m kind of just looking forward as of right now for him to be healthy and cleared and then us just kick some tail. And then from there, down the road we’ll branch off. I’m in no rush with that.”

Nakamura’s remained by Boogs’ side on television and house shows (he said the only one Shinsuke’s missed was the day after Christmas in Tampa) while injured. Sami Zayn is set-up as the #1 contender for the IC strap, so whenever he’s cleared for action that should be one of the Japanese Superstar’s first match’s back.

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