Historically Significant Disasters of Wrestling #94 The Main Roster ‘Run’ of Karrion Kross Part Two

And no, it's not just "Bring Scarlett with him"...

Look, this is not going to be a complete repackage, because to be honest. Kross didn't need a complete repackage- Vince gave him one regardless. So instead let's concentrate on what he does need: time.

So this rebooking requires a couple of things to keep in mind.

  1. While the entrance and partnership with Scarlett isn't everything to Kross (the guy can go), they add a hell of a lot. So don't oversaturate it. Let him be a big deal by giving him some mystique a la Undertaker.
  2. Like other gimmicks with a seeming brutal squash anyone-at-all-costs angle, they are going to become directionless fast if you don't give them a title OR give them a motivation. This is not just because of a audience measuring them up against the rest of the roster, it's also because Vince will hotshot them to a title picture becuase he hasn't been bothered booking anyone else (see Fiend, The).
  3. As an extension of point 1 and 2, because of the unique nature of the gimmick and the entrance, you can slow burn him if you give him something to do because he can be that perfect palette cleanser guy. And when you line him up and tell him to do 15+mins, you can then surprise the crowd by showing him (with the right opponent of course) that he is actually great.

So we keep everything up until he gets injured during the Keith Lee match. After that- we get him the hell out of NXT and keep him off television. This not only allows his mystique of running through NXT workers like a hot knife through butter to hold up, it also allows NXT to move on as well and not try to book around him.

Now I was going to have him at Survivor Series at first, but I think it would be a little far fetched considering it was a full 3 and a half weeks before his actual return match. So we start this build at the Christmas edition of SmackDown we have Jeff Hardy beat MVP in some sort of novelty Christmas match (Christmas Cage Match or something...). Later Hardy is being interviewed when he is brought a present with no tag. Hardy shrugs and unwraps find an hourglass.

The next week Hardy is in a match with, let's say Sheamus, to win a spot in the Royal Rumble which he loses with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus celebrates and walks back up the ramp when a figure walks down the ramp in a hooded robe, so that their face cannot be seen. When they reach the ring, they reveal their face to be Scarlett who kneels down next to the prone Hardy with a microphone and simply says "soon you will know the apocalypse" and walks to the back.

The next week we have an interview with Scarlett (now in full vamp outfit) who is asked what did they mean by what they said to Hardy last week, where she simply says the end will be revealed to Hardy next week, and he demands a match with the charismatic enigma at the Royal Rumble. The final two weeks have Scarlett reveal Karrion Kross, along with video packages showing his reign of terror in NXT. This all culminates in a match which is the first match of the Royal Rumble 2021 (put Drew and Goldberg between the Sasha/Mella match and the Women's Rumble). This is so you can open with Jeff Hardy coming out and then have the amazing entrance of Karrion Kross for a hot crowd. They then have a 8-10 min match where Kross takes 80% of the offence and defeats Hardy in a referee stoppage after a couple of blows to the back of the head, with the commentary team pointing out that Kross seems to have some sort of personal mission to hurt Jeff Hardy. After that, Kross begins to roll out of the ring, but then grabs a table, sets it up in the middle of the ring and then plants Jeff Hardy through it. Hardy is then taken away on a stretcher, writing him off TV until post-Mania. Oh, and incidentally, the Fiend comes back at the Rumble and beats the tar out of Orton, eliminating him in the process.

The post-Rumble SD, Rey Mysterio is facing, Sami Zayn in an Elimination Chamber qualifier, when he looks around for his son, who claimed that he would be down in the stands 'cheering him on'. Suddenly the titantron comes to life and you see a unconscious Dominik Mysterio before in shot comes Scarlett in full vamp mode caressing his cheek. She then simply says: "I assure you the poor child's pain was swift. But for you Rey [Kross hands Scarlett an hourglass that she puts next to his body] it will be anything but". Rey then runs to the back and forfeits the match, but by the time he does they are long gone.

This brings us to the next week, where Rey demands to see Karrion Kross, saying that he shouldn't even be on SmackDown. Kross is seen on the titantron, Scarlett by his side holding an hourglass where he says the following:

I have watched you Rey Mysterio. Suckling at the teat of your past glories. Like Jeff Hardy, you were once on top of the pile, now you are just in the way. I am on a mission to clear this place of the dead wood- from both Raw and SmackDown. And at Elimination Chamber you will fall and pray.

And at Elimination Chamber Kross defeats Mysterio in about 10 minutes, before taking one of his legs and brutalising it in a chair again and again. Dominik tries to run out and make the save but he's quickly overpowered and Rey continues to be hit again and again. Eventually Kross walks off, and the Mysterios lie in the ring, with Dominik slowly crawling to comfort his father. This also writes off Mysterio until after Mania.

The next SmackDown Dominik Mysterio gets in the ring and demands satisfaction. He says he wants to face Kross next week in a No Holds Barred Match. Kross simply comes out and says he has no quarrel with Dominik and this is a war he will not walk away from. Dom stands his ground and thus on SmackDown next week, we have Kross vs Mysterio, where Kross beats the tar out of him for a good 80% of a 12 minute match, but Dom will not stay down. This culminates in Dom getting a near fall after Kross gets cocky and then going up for the 619, only to be cut off by Kross with a massive clothesline.

At this point, Kross lines up in the corner to do that evil running forearm, only to pause when he sees Dom struggling to get up. He walks up to struggling Mysterio, exasperated and yells at him to stay down, while Dominik crawls up his knee. Karrion shakes his head, lifts Dominik's head and ruffles his hair, before locking in the Kross Jacket, causing Dominik to pass out. After the bell Kross squats down next to Mysterio's prone body and gives a nod of respect, with the announcers putting it over before leaving to the back (this will give the chance for the crowd to applaud Dom and give him the beginning of a push that will culminate in him winning the Andre Battle Royale).

At Fast Lane the Fiend gets his revenge on Orton and disappears up the ramp, leaving Orton to struggle to get up with the help of a couple of trainers. He is about to be helped out of the ring when Karrion Kross' music hits. The trainers high tail it and Orton is left slumped in a corner. Scarlett and Kross come into the ring, with Kross pointing at the Wrestlemania sign while Scarlett places an hourglass next to him and they exit.

So a couple of weeks before Mania, Orton is in the ring and he invites a special guest to the ring: William Regal. Orton shakes his hand and says that he wants to pick his brain about Karrion Kross, saying that he wants to know if there's a weakness he can exploit. Regal then cuts something like the following promo:

How bloody dare you.

For years I have sat as NXT General Manager and watched as the world's best professional wrestlers came to this so-called big dance and be ignored. For years I have bitten my tongue and not advised my guys that they were better off in the black and gold. And after all these years and frustrations you know what?

I'm tired.

I'm tired of world beaters like Finn Balor, Keith Lee and Shinsuke Nakamura coming to the main roster only to see them stifled by workers who don't know when to get out of the way. And you are one of those workers Randy. So since we can't persuade you and the Jeff Hardys and the Rey Mysterios out, I've managed to get Karrion Kross a cross-brand contract to blast you all out.

And from the rubble, we will rebuild.

He drops the mic and leaves Randy agape in the ring.

So at Wrestlemania Orton and Kross go on first on Night Two, with Orton near the end going through his comeback and going to hit an RKO on Kross only for Kross to counter into the Kross jacket, making Orton tap out. Kross then stands triumphantly above the disconsolate body of Orton. Kross then leaves, leaving Orton to slowly limp to the back sadly. This also makes the RKBro team up make sense, as Orton finds his mojo by teaming up with Riddle.

(Oh and btw, if you're wondering what I'd do with Bray since he's not fighting Orton, I'd have him either do a Firefly Fun Match against Triple H or- GET HIM AND ALEXA TO HOST MANIA! Imagine the pop you'd get to begin the show if Bray and Alexa came out to the Firefly music. Just give Bray some creative freedom to do some sketches and then have an impromptu Fiend match with someone who pokes the bear on night two.)

At WM Backlash, enter the Miz, who gets eaten alive by Kross after Scarlett gives him an hourglass the night after WM, giving him time to go out to do his Dancing With the Stars stuff. At HIAC, Kross takes on Dolph Ziggler, who has Robert Roode in his corner. This will keep him simmering until Money in the Bank, where Kross will be entered into the Money in the Bank match, but in order to do so, he has to sign an exclusive contract to one brand. This will give him a week or so of speculation, with Roman taking a particular interest about where he's going, telling Heyman to lobby Pearce and Deville to send Kross to Raw. However, Kross decides to goto SmackDown and at Money in the Bank he comes close to winning the briefcase, but is cut off by Mace and T-Bar (Big E still wins the briefcase btw). At SmackDown the next week Kross demands answers, but of course Mace and T-Bar are not on SmackDown, but Raw. So Kross proposes a match to Adam Pearce. He will take on T-Bar at Summerslam. and to make sure that he accepts he proposes that the winner is able to draft a willing worker to their brand from the other, which Pearce agrees to after persuasion from Regal. This creates some (shock horror) intrigue as lower workers on both brands begin showing why T-Bar and Mace/Kross should pick them and offering them their allegiance should they do so, which supplements the build to Summerslam, as many of these workers on Raw are essentially decimated by Mace and T-Bar. On the go-home SmackDown, the Usos have a tag match with Finn Balor and Kross, where Kross and Balor have it won, when all of a sudden Reigns gets involved and beats the shit out of both of them with chairs, leaving them laid out.

This all leads to the match at Summerslam between T-Bar and Kross, before which we get a segment where T-Bar and Mace confront Paul Heyman, saying that they want the deal changed. Heyman simply says that when the Bloodline is sure Kross is taken care of, they will be happy to hear their demands. However, despite Mace interfering, Kross beats T-Bar.

The next SmackDown, having defeated John Cena, Roman is irate with the return of Brock and confronts Heyman, saying he didn't know about Brock, and he didn't get rid of "the Kross problem". Later in the main event, Reigns defeats Balor after the Usos mug him and when Kross runs out to try to make the save, he gets waylaid too. The next week on SmackDown Reigns boasts that he rules SmackDown with an iron fist and none will challenge his word. This brings out Kross and Balor again. Reigns says that he is moving past them and for them to get in the queue, but Balor says that Roman's got it all wrong. They're not here for that title- at least not yet. They're here to knock this faction down a peg or two and show them who will really rule SmackDown. And so they throw the gauntlet to the Bloodline- an Extreme Rules Tornado Tag Match against Kross, Balor and the guy Karrion has just drafted from Raw:

Keith Lee on his post-WWE future, says he paid his own medical expenses -  Cageside Seats

That's right! And at Extreme Rules the NXT alumni beat the Bloodline when Lee picks up Jey Uso in a monster Spirit Bomb (after Roman scarpers having been pinballed at one stage between the three for a pop or two). This team also forms the basis for SmackDown winning the Men's 5 on 5 at Survivor Series, with McIntyre and Hardy being eliminated early, but these three coming back to shut Raw out 3-0.

And with that you have a credible threat for the Bloodline as well as THREE viable opponents for Roman over the coming months. Not only that, but they can enter the Tag picture if you want. But most of all, you have used the motives of Kross to be not only unique, but also interesting enough so the gimmick and the wrestler will get over. And you can keep him as part of this stable, or have the stable implode (Balor vs Lee vs Kross @ Mania is not the worst match one could make...). What is important though, is that it gives Kross options. Something Vince seemed adamant on slamming in his face.

And that's the end of this re-booking! See you guys soon!

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