NXT UK Recap & Reactions (Sept. 30, 2021): Distractions distract

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This week we get Jordan Devlin versus Joe Coffey, Mustache Mountain versus Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith, Dani Luna versus Xia Brookside, and the debut of Charlie Dempsey!

Mustache Mountain versus Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith

This comes off the heels of Trent Seven upsetting the two men during a friendly debate about finishing moves last week. Seven implied that Smith and Carter couldn't compare to Mustache Mountain so tonight we get to find out if he's right!

Early on Mustache Mountain is able to isolate Carter and get in a couple of double teams but eventually Carter gets to the corner and tags in Smith. Smith and Carter had this cool move where Carter kick flipped Seven to Smith and then Smith impaled Seven on Carter's oustretched legs. Mustache Mountain tried their double team where Bate does an aerial springboard drop from Seven's shoulders but Smith was waiting for it and got him in a roll-up for a near fall. Bate eventually got Carter in an UFO spin and then they did the springboard double team again but this time with Seven executing the aerial for a near fall cover combo.

Both teams exchanged a bunch of cover attempts until eventually Symbiosis came out to ringside. Bate tries to get the Tyler Driver on Smith but Smith just overpowers him and back body drops him over the top rope. Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff come out and start attacking Symbiosis when Carter does an aerial off the ropes to wipe out basically all 3 teams. The Big Strong Boy basically ends this one with a suplex on Smith while he was inside the ring with Smith standing on the apron. This allowed a double team of the assisted Snap Dragon suplex and a Mustache Mountain pin fall victory!

I'm honestly a little sad that Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter lost this one. As nice as it'd be for Bate to be the first Triple Crown winner and for Seven to get his first belt on the brand I really like Smith and Carter and I'd rather they not lose any momentum. However, this was a really good match by both teams and well worth a watch.

This Week's Promos

Jinny and Joseph at the PC: the two are being rude to the interviewers when they see Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie training. Jinny takes the opportunity to trash talk Jinny and McKenzie straight up tells her "I don't care what your opinion is so just go away." Jinny tells her that she'll make it in her interests to know Jinny's opinion and leaves. We get this match next week so we'll see if McKenzie has what it takes to be at the top of the card.

Starz and Mastiff during the break: they're approach by an interview crew to ask about what happened just then when Nina Samuels interrupts to take over the interview and announce her new talk show. The two men just want to talk about Symbiosis but Samuels just keeps talking about her show and her matches so they walk off leaving her alone.

Blair Davenport: we get a video package about her attack on Sid Scala and her ensuing suspension. This leads to Stevie Turner storming into Scala's office asking that Davenport get reinstated so that Turner can have her in a match. Scala says he'll consider it.

Sam Gradwell: he's sick of sad little acts like Subculture. He insults Mark Andrews' skateboarding ability and ends up eating said skateboard in an attack from the aforementioned Andrews. This one is made official for next week.

A-Kid and Ilja Dragunov face-to-face: A-Kid claims to be the only one who understands Dragunov right now. Off his Heritage Cup victory he knows the pressure Dragunov faces establishing his legacy. Dragunov claims A-Kid can't compare himself to Dragunov given what he went through to win the title. A-Kid starts talking about Dragunov's temper which naturally gets a rise before Dragunov gets himself under control. Dragunov says the title needs more than just technique -- it needs will, pain, and determination. Dragunov is the tsar and A-Kid is just a kid. They end on a hand shake. This is a pretty good promo by both men here.

Dani Luna versus Xia Brookside

This came off the pretty standard interruption and trash talk at the PC segment last week. The main event scene is kind of cluttered with loads of heels in the Women's division so either of these baby faces could be looking to move up the card.

The psychology of this one is Brookside's technique versus Luna's raw power. Luna had this brutal looking slam where Brookside was trying the hurricanrana when Luna just stopped her momentum and sent her face first into the mat. Brookside got a really nice running neckbreaker in the middle of the ring for a near fall. In the end it was a sit out powerbomb by Luna that ended this one with a pin fall victory!

After the match Brookside throws a bit of a fuss so Luna extends her hand to try and make things better but Brookside just slaps her hand away. Brookside's had trouble getting on TV lately and when she has she's been on a losing streak. Looks like they're going to switch her to heel. Overall the match was okay with Luna showing off some good power.

Wolfgang and Dar about the Heritage Cup: Wolfgang talks about looking up to past greats while Dar talks about how he's only 28 and he's on the rise. Wolfgang beat him before and will leave him laid out again. He cares about heritage while for Dar it's just about the money.

Josh Morrell versus Charlie Dempsey

As mentioned this is Dempsey's debut. I can definitely see the family resemblence to William Regal but that hair cut also gives me shades of Roger Daltrey. Either way Morrell doesn't even get an intro so we're in for a squash match here.

The chatter from Andy and Nigel is all about Dempsey's old school style. He definitely showed off a more classic style of professional wrestling and looked really clean doing it all. He had this really cool rollup pin where he did a bridge over Morrell to cover him. Morrell does get some really cool offense in and Dempsey does a good job selling it.

This one went a lot longer than I anticipated. Dempsey ended it with this crazy series of submission holds. He started with a double wrist lock, transitioned into a wrist lock and arm bar, then a toe hold and arm around the neck and actually locks his two hands together. Find some video on this one to take a look and what the two men do -- it's as nutty as the Devlin/A-Kid knee lock weeks ago.

Joe Coffey versus Jordan Devlin

Devlin must just have the best tasting coffee in his locker room because this started last week when Gallus were celebrating a victory by breaking into Devlin's locker room and helping themselves to a cup of joe. Both these wrestlers are good at what they do so this one should be a banger. The rest of Gallus stay ringside for this one.

This one starts slow and steady. Joe knocks Devlin ringside early on and chases him out there but Devlin isn't able to flee because Mark and Wolfgang make a wall of meat to prevent it. Devlin hits a nasty looking backstabber while Joe was on the second rope. Somewhere Sasha Banks nods in approval. There was a cool test of strength around the middle of the match where Joe bent over to get a back body drop on Devlin off the ropes but Devlin chicken wings him and goes for the backslide. Joe fights engages in the test of strength here and is able to block the move. After a standing moonsault later in the match Devlin takes too long gloating and Joe is able to recover and take him out.

Joe gets a near fall off of his springboard crossbody in the corner but Devlin kicks out. A little later Joe is going for the running lariat but Devlin reverses it into a Spanish fly for a near fall. Mark hops up on the apron wearing Devlin's jacket and putting on his sunglasses. This distracts the ref which lets Wolfgang assist Joe who hits the Glasgow Sendoff followed by a running lariat for the pin fall victory!

Given the end of this one I don't think this feud is over. This was a solid match from these two men but no where near their best -- gotta save that for a big finale somewhere down the line.

Overall: B

Reminder/introduction: A+ is a near perfect show, B+ is a good show, C+ is an average one, and anything less is not very good.

Nothing really flashed for me bigly in this one. We got a distraction finish both at the start and end of the show in what were otherwise good matches. On the other hand nothing was terrible as even what I thought would be a straigh up squash between Morrell and Dempsey had some good stuff in it. I'd have maybe graded this one B+ if not for the Gallus distraction finish -- at least all the teams coming out were fun in the opener.

Alright what did you all think of this one? Sound off in the comments below Cagesiders!

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