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Liv Morgan vs. Carmella

The Road to Extreme Rules

Carmella wants everyone to know how beautiful she is, while Liv Morgan wants everyone to take her seriously as a competitor. These two things are, apparently, incompatible.

Their tag match on SmackDown several weeks ago ended when Carmella accused Liv Morgan of breaking her nose. Liv Morgan accused Carmella of caring more about her face than her wrestling and challenged her to a match at Extreme Rules. Toni Storm was also there.

Carmella’s nose was thankfully not broken (frankly, it didn’t even look scratched), but she did agree to the match. No “uggo” is going to almost (maybe) break her nose and get away with it!

In an attempt to include more women (I guess), Liv Morgan went one-on-one with Carmella’s partner Zelina Vega on the go-home SmackDown but was ultimately defeated after a distraction from her Extreme Rules opponent.

Now she may be more concerned with her beauty these days, but Carmella is a former SmackDown women’s champion. She beat Charlotte Flair! So while Liv may care more about wrestling at the moment, she will have her work cut out for her if she wants to prove herself to the WWE audience and competitors like Carmella.

What’s at stake?

Let’s be real here. Neither of these women is headed towards a championship run anytime soon, but the winner of this match will tell us which way the wind blows in the women’s division. Are they more invested in Liv Morgan’s plucky underdog story, or are they leaning harder into the “classic” beautiful b*tch storyline with Carmella?

My hope is they go with Liv Morgan. She has grown tremendously in the ring, has a ton of potential, and is willing to go with the WWE flow. Both her tag partners were released, but the brass chose to keep her around. It’s about time they show us why and give her the push she deserves. Of course, WWE also loves the “shut up fives a ten is talking” gimmick to a concerning degree (seriously, it’s concurrently happening on all three brands), so there is a good chance they put Carmella over.

But hey. At least we get two women’s matches at Extreme Rules. The storyline may be weak, but there is enough talent in the ring to make it worth watching.


Who will win?

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