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Street Profits look to regain that smoke from the Usos

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the Street Profits have a fire under them that they haven’t had in some time.

After losing the tag titles to the Dirty Dawgz at the beginning of the year and failing to regain them in two straight shots before and after WrestleMania 37, the Profits have largely fallen by the wayside.

Even accounting for the rib injury that kept Montez Ford on the shelf for a significant chunk of the summer, they fell pretty far out of the title scene, feuding with Alpha Academy.

But after rushing to make the save for Finn Balor the night after SummerSlam, the Profits are back on track and they want the smoke.

For their part, the Usos’ road back to the title lead them through the Mysterios under the firm and loving hand of their cousin and Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. It took a minute for them to get on the same page, but once they did regain the titles at Money in the Bank, they’ve proven themselves unstoppable, and SmackDown has been in the iron grip of the Bloodline ever since.

The Profits might just have their number, however, because both times they’ve wrestled the Usos over the last month, the Bloodline have weaseled their way out of a loss with disqualifications, whether by their own hands or with the assistance of their cousin.

Clearly, the Usos are scared.

And they probably should be, given that they dropped a non-title match to the superteam of Big E and Finn Balor in fairly short order. Granted, the WWE Champion and the #1 contender to the Universal Championship are hardly chopped liver and they would go on to beat New Day in trios action on Raw, but it’s a scary sign for the dominance of the tag champs.

One bright spot for the Usos’ hopes of retaining the titles is that the one match they had with the Profits before all of this started, on SmackDown back in May, was a victory for them with no titles in sight. The extra motivation of having titles to retain should not be discounted and might be enough to propel them to a clean victory with zero shenanigans.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the match itself should be a prime slice of tag team excellence. The Usos are one of the best tag teams in the world, and the Street Profits aren’t far outside of that conversation.

Will the Street Profits get the smoke or can the Usos keep the tag titles in the hands of the Bloodline?


Who will win?

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  • 29%
    Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)
    (84 votes)
  • 70%
    The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)
    (202 votes)
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