Tag Team Weekly Roundup and Power Rankings: How much does a title change help the women’s division?

A tag title change often brings a refresh to a division, fresh matchups and new chasers. With the women's main-roster tag division, Super Brutality (Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H.) wresting the titles from Natalya and Tamina is somewhat encouraging, but how much does it help the women's division overall?

The good news is that their reign can't be less distinguished than that of Natalya and Tamina, whose run was marked mainly by losing non-title matches until they finally lost a title match. Natalya is one of the best women's technical wrestlers ever, but hasn't really created much excitement in recent times. Tamina's at the point in her career where her moveset is limited, which puts more of the burden on The Queen of Harts. It's not a dissimilar dynamic to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, from whom they took the titles.

As an in-ring team, the power of Rhea and the high-flying work of Nikki make them more exciting already. WWE has also booked them better, considering they were recently in the title picture, and while it took a while to find Ripley's alignment, she has been generally booked well since her NXT days. WWE having them dedicate their match with kids with cancer, while clearly telegraphing a title win, shows that the company trusts them with a big spot that even looked emotionally overwhelming for Rhea.

Presuming WWE remembers it, a good matchup is ready right off the bat with Shotzi and Tegan Nox, who themselves clearly remember beating the previous champs a few times. It's a face-face matchup, but all four performers are entertaining in their own right, and the bouts and promos should be fun.

The problem is that once you move beyond that -- is there even a women's division? Sure, Carmella and Zelina Vega could be an entertaining pairing, but that Vega is winless since returning doesn't give it as much appeal as it should. Maybe underutilized talents like Toni Storm or Mia Yim can get something to do. Perhaps Naomi gets some backup to prove she should be on TV. You also have Aliyah and Xia Li sitting in purgatory after apparent callups who can supplement something.

But unfortunately if WWE has been consistent in anything for the past couple of years, it's in showing very little interest in sustaining the women's division. Super Brutality certainly will give it a short-term boost, but until that changes the long-term picture isn't much more rosy.

The following Tag Team Power Rankings take into account wins, power and placement of segments, recentness of appearances, creative direction and momentum for teams and factions.

WWE Tag Team Power Rankings through Sept. 24:

1. The Bloodline (last week: 2)

Pro: Still all wearing gold, and picked up a six-man tag victory and a signature main-event "big men slapping beat" Raw victory by The Head of the Table. Then Roman added a victory in a fun SmackDown main event.
Con: They all have people fervently chasing their titles.

2. Super Brutality (Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H.) (last week: 4)

Pro: The new champs called their shot, for the sake of kids with cancer, and delivered. Good for them, and at least for now also good for the division.
Con: Beyond Shotzi and Nox, how many potential programs even exist?

3. New Day (1)

Pro: Raw's booking showed that WWE remains justifiably high on new champ Big E.
Con: Unfortunately, his mates also took a tag loss to The Bloodline (albeit in a good match and with outside interference on members that apparently isn't a DQ?).

4. RK-Bro (3)

Pro: Still the Raw champs are still big stars on the show, and Randy picked up a win in a fun match with AJ Styles.
Con: At some point they certainly have to tangle with Omos again?

5. Io Shirai and Zoey Stark (6)

Pro: Still NXT women's tag titleholders. Got TV time with Io being her usual bad@$$ self.
Con: Zoey didn't seem thrilled that Io is so willing to accept challengers for the title.

6. MSK (5)

Pro: Still the NXT men's tag champs.
Con: It's pretty easy to forget.

7. Street Profits (8)

Pro: Montez Ford showed up and showed out in taking it to Roman Reigns in the SmackDown main event. They still have a shot at The Usos's gold.
Con: Tez couldn't quite top the Head of the Table.

8. Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo (not ranked)

Pro: In addition to perhaps being the most handsome team on the roster, they also bested fellow good-looking folks Mustafa Ali and Mansoor rather handily.
Con: Can we finally expect WWE to book them well for a while?

9. Diamond Mine (9)

Pro: Roderick Strong delivered the goods in taking Kushida's Cruiserweight Championship.
Con: Needed a lot of outside help to make it happen, but then that's the point of having a faction.

10. Legado del Fantasma (not ranked)

Pro: New member Elektra Lopez debuted with a squash win and a nice promo. Gotta say, they all look fabulous.
Con: B-Fab and Hit Row got the jump on their rivals this week.

Best tag segment of the week: A title change generally takes this, so Super Brutality gets the nod slightly over a very good Bloodline-New Day match.

Grade: A

The title change makes the women's main-roster tag scene more interesting, for now at least, which NXT's tag scenes are getting at least some direction.

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