Confessions Of An Angel VI: Kanyon


A few thoughts after the airing of Dark Side of the Ring about Kanyon as a gay wrestling fan:

The focus on mental health was important. Him lashing out at Mitchell was on par. Growing up unable to come out for a long time and hiding so much of my life, all the lies continue to eat you alive until you lash out at the ones you love most. As much as I wish the bullying of people like Taker was more pushed, I think the mental part helps people understand his inner struggle.

I was extremely disgusted with Cena’s comments.. Kanyon did have it. He WAS over. Same to you Flair. In addition, Taker was just a bully. If you think his demotion and release didn’t have to do with his sexuality, it’s complete ignorance.

I grew up in the Bay Area and STILL had to closet myself for a very long time especially with family. A family full of conservatives and now Trump supporters. It’s not easy and takes its toll on you mentally every single day. I truly hope he’s at peace, he was one of my faves even before I knew of his story. People just think so many gays are drug addicts and alcoholics because of the party lifestyle.. no it’s the escape from their own mind. It is and was mine.

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