The Nightly: September 19th, 2021

Hello Nightly!!!


Sycho Sid vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley:

This was pretty much a squash match, with Sid winning via countout.

Goldust vs. Bart Gunn:

Okay match.

Jesse James vs. Uncle Zeb and Justin Hawk Bradshaw:

It was pretty neat to see Dutch Mantell in the ring. Match went exactly how you would think a match like this would go.

Undertaker vs. Mankind in a No Holds Barred match:

Fun match, but probably one of their weaker efforts considering this is at least the fourth time or so that they’ve faced off, and it was a TV match on top of that.


Michael Wallstreet vs. Mike Enos:

DiBiase comes down with an NWO contract that Wallstreet takes after he wins. So I guess Wallstreet is the newest member of the NWO? Sure, why not.

Hugh Morrus vs. Renegade:

Dull match, highlight was Kevin Sullivan coming down to ringside afterwards and complaining to Tony Schiavone about WCW playing the video of Benoit and Woman together.

Dean Malenko vs. Jimmy Graffiti:

Not a great match.

Faces Of Fear vs. Nasty Boys:

Fun brawl.

Chris Jericho vs. Bobby Eaton:

Filler match.

Arn Anderson vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman:

Okay match.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett:

Dull match, Hall and Nash interfere and help DDP win.

Overall, I would say that both shows were more or less on par with one another, both shows had some fun brawls going for it.

On to the Nightly.

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