A Tribute to WCW Monday Nitro Enhancement Talent

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The topic of how and if to use enhancement matches has been a hot one recently with AEW using jobbers/carpenters on a regular basis after WWE largely hasn't used them for decades. I have gone on record multiple times saying how much of a fan I am of this.

While having friendly disagreements with fellow commenters here on Cageside Seats, it has come to my attention many people don't remember or don't realize that WCW Monday Nitro devoted quite a bit of prime time television during the Monday Night Wars to enhancement matches. So in tribute to the hard working guys (unfortunately they were all guys, WCW missed a golden opportunity to feature women's wrestling) who helped make the top stars of WCW and the nWo look good, here are some of their names.

For the purposes of this, I am considering someone an enhancement talent if I can't remember them ever having a major story or victory during this specific time in their career. It's certainly possible I am forgetting details from 20+ years ago. Please feel free to let me know if you feel any of these wrestlers rose above the level of enhancement! I'm also sure I'm forgetting people, so please add names in the comments!


El Dandy, Hector Garza, Lizmark Jr., Ciclope, Silver King, Super Calo

Raven's Flock

Sick Boy, Lodi, Reese, Kidman, Hammer (Last two only for their time in the Flock)


Ice Train, Scott Putski, Jerry Flynn, Lash LeRoux, Jimmy Graffiti, Mike Enos


Vincent, Michael Wallstreet, Big Bubba Rogers (All three only for their time in the NWO)

WWE Legends

Jim Neidhart, Marty Jannetty, Barry Horowitz

Tag Teams

Disorderly Conduct, High Voltage, Los Villanos, Scott and Steve Armstrong

Thank you, gentlemen, for your crucial role in the Monday Night Wars.

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