The Danbury Trashers, organized crime, and WWF?

So there’s a new(ish) documentary series on Netflix called "Untold" and one of the episodes focuses on The short lived UHL hockey team in Danbury CT, the Trashers (because the owner, Jimmy Galante, owned a sanitation company)

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say the owner has "connections" and buys an expansion hockey team, and lets his 17 year old son run it from 2004-05. This documentary is worth watching. It’s the Sopranos meets Slap Shot.

Anyway, what this has to do with the WWF (at the time) There’s a bizarre scene towards the beginning of the doc where the now 34 year old AJ Galante recounts being a huge wrestling fan as a kid. So naturally what I think was around 1998 or 99, Triple H, Billy Gunn, Chyna and the freakin Rock, show up to his pool party in his backyard. Later in the doc John Cena drops the opening puck at a game.

Now look. I don’t want to say 1+1=2, and nothing is alluded to in the doc other than the father had connections, but I can’t imagine Vince McMahon is too happy that it looks like there’s even a tangential connection to organized crime with his company. I mean, how does a kid get DX and the Rock to show up to their pool party at the height of their popularity?

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