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Meet the new ROH Women’s champion

Ring of Honor has been without a Women’s champion since before the pandemic, when reigning Women of Honor titleholder Kelly Klein was stripped after a contract dispute.

For the last several months, ROH has been working toward handing a new Women’s championship belt to the winner of a tournament. The concluded last night (Sept. 12) in Philadelphia when Rok-C faced Miranda Alize at Death Before Dishonor.

Both wrestlers figure to be a part of the women’s division ROH is building under Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett. The company announced the signing of both Alize & Rok-C last week ahead of the tapings and PPV in Philly. To reach the final, Rok-C defeated Sumie Sakai, Quinn McKay, and Angelina Love. Alize’s path went through Alex Gracia, Nicole Savoy, and Trish Adora.

The match started with the veteran “Lucha Baddie” Alize confident she’d be able to make quick work of her 19 year old opponent.

The finish saw Rok-C reverse a crossface to kick off a sequence that ended with a match winning Code Red. Kanellis-Bennett presented the youngster with the new Women’s belt after the match, and Rok-C celebrated with some members of her family.

So who is the new champ? Laredo, Texas native Carla Gonzalez has been training since she was 13. She showed up on ROH’s radar while working with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling out of Houston (as did Alize, but she has more extensive international experience than Rok-C).

Personally, I’ve only seen her matches in this tournament, but she works a good match and has a charismatic presence. Putting the title on her seems like a good investment in the future of the ROH Women’s division.

Let us know what you think about new champ Rok-C, and get full results from Death Before Dishonor here.

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