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Los Ingobernables win ROH tag titles

Ring of Honor is gearing up for their Death Before Dishonor PPV tonight (Sept. 12, 2021), so they released the free viewing of ROH Wrestling episode 521 early (watch here). The show contained a major piece of news as Los Ingobernables won the tag team championship.

Dragon Lee and Kenny King felt they had a rightful claim to still call themselves tag champs, since that duo never actually lost the belts. When the titles switched hands in March, Lee had been pulled from competing in the match due to a ruptured eardrum. Bestia del Ring was the replacement to tag with King. Now that Lee is back healthy, he is coming for what’s his.

For Homicide and Chris Dickinson, they view Los Ingobernables as a pain in the ass. Violence Unlimited will show them that there is honor in violence.

The match was a back and forth affair with both teams having near pinfalls. The pace escalated when Lee hit a suicide dive to Dickinson, and King put Dickinson on the mat with a Royal Flush slam. Dickinson would not stay down so easily and kicked out.

King dealt with Homicide by dishing out a slingshot corkscrew plancha to the outside. Lee and Dickinson went toe to toe with forearm blasts. Lee stunned Dickinson with a jumping knee to the chin. As Dragon charged for a running knee, Dickinson blocked and countered with a dragon screw leg whip. Dickinson ran the ropes, but Lee met him with a jumping kick. This time, Lee connected on his knee strike finisher to win at 14:08. Los Ingobernables are the new tag champs.

The duo of Lee and King became two-time tag team titleholders. The new belt makes Lee a double champ with the TV title. He’ll have a chance to be triple champ if Los Ingobernables can defeat Shane Taylor Promotions for the Six-Man gold at Death Before Dishonor.

The show opened with tag team action between the Briscoes and Bandido & Rey Horus. The Luchadores were excited to face the ROH legends. The Briscoes were looking to climb the rankings toward a title shot.

Down the stretch, MexiSquad was grooving. Bandido hit a flying corkscrew crossbody to Mark Briscoe then took out Jay Briscoe with a Fosbury Flop to the outside. Horus hit his victory roll driver finisher off the turnbuckles, but Mark kicked out on the cover. That’s when the Briscoes turned the tide.

Jay shoved Bandido off the turnbuckles down to the floor. Dem Boys double-teamed Horus for the win. Jay caught Horus on his shoulders, then Mark launched for the flying clothesline Doomsday Device to win at 12:10.

The middle bout belonged to Josh Woods and Will Ferrera in a Pure rules contest. Woods was warming up for his PPV title shot at Jonathan Gresham and the Pure Championship. Ferrera wanted to make the ROH Dojo proud by making Woods tap.

Ferrera was game, but Woods was a technical beast. Ferrera used all his rope breaks pretty early. He grabbed the ropes to prevent a gutwrench pickup, to escape a grapevine ankle lock, and to get free from a waist lock. Ferrera did have Woods in trouble at one point on a short arm scissors, but Woods powered out to lift his opponent into the air and drop him down hard to the mat. Woods blocked another arm scissor and exploded for a hard elbow. That set up a rolling German suplex bridging pin for the win at 6:18.

Are you happy for Dragon Lee and Kenny King to regain the tag titles they never lost? Which match was the show-stealer?

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